Monday, April 30, 2012

The Start of Something New....

Lately I have been feeling what my roomies at BYU would call, "blog-jealous." Every time I read someones blog I think, "I could do that." But there is one fact that keeps nagging at me, even now as I type...the fact of the matter is...people who have good blogs are witty. I would love to say that I am a wit..but, sadly, I am not. And I refuse to have a boring blog. So here goes nothing. If I start to bore myself this blog will disappear. At least I know that my mom will like it regardless if it is funny or not. I've got that goin' for me.So, here I am, a newly  married woman, starting a brand-new adventure as Mrs. Jensen so there is no better time than now to try, right? Blogging is actually a selfish way to have my little Jensen life documented since I have become very lazy about gettin my "scrapbook" on. So here it are are some highlights of what we have been doing since March 16th, 2012 when Cameron and I were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple.

We got to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon....DON'T BE JEALOUS!! Actually, you should be, because it was AWESOME. Best vacation ever and almost on a daily basis I think about it and wish for a Time Machine so I can go back. 


Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center
I tried Poi. Bleh. It tasted like what I think Elmer's Glue probably tastes like. But the rest was really yummy.
We bought a $10.00 Pina  Colada....It was ridiculously expensive but oh so yummy!
 After a long day at the PCC and Luau we went to the night show at the PCC, "Ha, the Breath of Life." It was amazing.
 Sandy Beach
This was my favorite beach because it wasn't over-crowded. There were some local boys there to bodyboard and then one other tourist-looking family and then us. I could have gone back to this beach every day.

Cameron humoring me by throwing up a peace sign
Poli Lookout. It was crazyyyyyyyyyy windy. I thought I was going to blow over the edge!! 
One word: Pineapple Ice cream. DELISH.

 Pearl Harbor
 I loved my honeymoon so much. It was so nice to just relax together without the responsibilities of being home. Thanks, Cameron for planning such an amazing trip!!

So, here are a few other pics from things we have been doing since we got home....

We made Monkey Bread. I have been telling Cameron I would make Monkey Bread for him ever since his birthday in January. So we finally made it.
 Geez, I wonder how I have gained so much weight since I got married...weird, huh? So, if you want the recipe, go here: It is AMAZING. I think Cameron's love for me JUST might have increased with the making of this breakfast.

Camping in Morro Bay
Cameron recently called me a "country girl" in front of a few men and they laughed. LAUGHED. Can you believe it! I am TOTALLY a country girl! See!? Cameron and I got a bunch of camping stuff for our wedding and we went to Morro Bay Thursday-Saturday during Easter weekend. It was super fun. Except for Friday night when it was so windy our tent almost got blown over with us in it. know...NBD.
 Easter Weekend:
Got to hang out with these lovely ladies:
 Beach Day with my sisters. I just adore them to pieces.
That's pretty much it. And that ends my first of (hopefully) many blogposts. Hopefully the rest will be much shorter. Cause I need to go get my fitness on at the gym...time is running short. 
Peace and blessins, peace and blessins