Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding Pictures

Every Love Story is beautiful but ours is my favorite. (shout-out to Hayley M for this adorable quote). We finally got our wedding pictures back! Yay! I am absolutely in love with them. Melissa White Photography did our pictures Go Here to check her out. She is amazing. I am so glad we went with her. I tried really hard to not over-post here but there were SO many I loved I just couldn't help myself. You are in no way obligated to look at all of them or to read my captions. 

Before we got married we decided (at Melissa's suggestion) that we would take our Bride and Groom pictures at the temple the day before we got married. We were sealed on March 16th but we took all of these first group of pictures on March 15th....we weren't married yet. I know, I know all of you traditionalists like myself are dying inside right now that Cameron and I saw each other like this before our wedding day. And it killed me too. I wouldn't let Cameron see my dress before the wedding because I like the tradition of it being a surprise the day of the wedding. I am overly sentimental and very traditional. Sometimes to a fault. But, convenience outweighed my sentimentality and we decided to take the pictures the day before and I am SO glad we did. The lighting was beautiful, we didn't have to fight other couples for spots on the temple grounds, and we weren't rushed because nobody was waiting for us to finish. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

 This one is funny because we took our pictures in the evening and it was a cloudy weekend so the sun was not shining and it was really windy (which my fine 3 pieces of hair on my head did NOT appreciate). I was pretty much frozen by the time we finished taking pictures so my sweet future husband gave me his jacket.
My parents as well as my Brother and Sister-in-Law were also sealed in the LA Temple. I'm so happy that we were able to be sealed in this beautiful place. I love this shot. 
March 16th 2012
Sealing Day

 Melissa is an amazing photographer. I love the portraits she got of the babies and children in our family. They are so precious.

We did it! So giddy. In the pictures before it looked like my face was going to rip apart from smiling so big. I was so happy. We made it. So much had lead up to this day and it was perfect. Our sealing was absolutely perfect. My cousin Mette's dad did our sealing and it was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have taken notes, but I will just have to remember the spirit and the words he said when he sealed us for time and all eternity. I will never forget walking into the sealing room and looking into the faces of people who mean so much to me and who have been such a huge impact on my life and on Cameron's life. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and with love. I have never felt so grateful.

Hugs and Loves

I will be honest. My nephew Adden hasn't wanted much to do with me since Cameron came into my life. He used to tell me, "Brona, you're my favorite girl." It melted my heart. But since Cameron came around Adden has slowly found new loves of his life. Including: Mary, Shayla and Rachel at my Bridal Shower and other events, Sadie (curse you), and my friends from BYU who came for the wedding, Allison, Morgan, Angie, Maureen, and Amanda. We even have pictures from the wedding where he is supposed to be looking at the camera but he is flirting with one of my friends. Watch out, Brother and Care. ;) But the one that has really taken my place (sniff) and the one that hurts the most, is...Tara. The last time they came to visit and I hugged Adden hello the first thing he told me was, "Tara is my favorite girl." Well, at least I can look at this picture and remember the days when I was Adden's favorite girl. 

Me and Cawrie. Oh how I ruv her.

Cameron and his brother, Austin

This is Gianna. She is famous in our house. She calls Cameron "Uncle." Just "Uncle" no Cameron. She LOVES Cameron. When I went and met Cameron's family at Thanksgiving we stayed at Austin, Jen, and Gianna's house and we became fast friends. I think Gianna probably only likes me because she loves Cameron so much and we are a package deal, but I will take it. She is just tooooooo cute. 

Mom, me, Callie, Tara

I love these girls so much. Angie, Morgan, Allison, and Maureen were my roommates at BYU for over a year. Amanda lived in our ward and was an honorary roommate :) these girls are my best friends in the whole world. I don't know what I would have done without them. Thank you girls for being there for me. If you guys hadn't come to the wedding who would have:
-gone to Disneyland with me?
-convinced me that people would not ditch my wedding to go to an institute activity
-tell me I look "sooo skinny and tan"
-made me laugh and relax the night before the wedding when I wanted to rip everyone's heads off
-held my skirt so it didn't get muddy
-gone to the drug store to get a stain stick to clean my dress when it got muddy anyways
-reached under my dress to pull down my slip (Angie I love you)
-laced my dress one billion times (Morg)
-walked around for hours just watching me take pictures with my husband
-told me how pretty my dress was
-told me how pretty I was
-touched my husband's butt during one of the pictures (ahem...Maureen)
This might have been right after Maureen groped my husband

But I love you anyays
This is probably my dad thanking me for bringing Cameron in to the family

Me, Cameron and his mom, Kaye

 Pics with the Jensens 
Griffith Side 


Jake, Todd (not lovers, although it may appear as such), Austin, Cameron, Wes, Russell, Michael 

That twist in the middle is my favorite detail on my dress. I love love LOVED my dress

Beautiful Bridesmaids aka Cousins and Sisters!!! Addie, Sadie, Callie, Us, Tara, Christina, and Katie. I love these girls to pieces. I'm so grateful that they are all members of my family! Thank you for being part of my wedding, ladies!! You all looked so beautiful and classy! 
Now, you wont understand this if you aren't a sister or
if you don't have two sisters, but it is a very difficult thing
to have two sisters when you are going to get married.
Who do you choose as your Maid of Honor? They are
both your closest friends, they are both your sisters, they
will both kill you if you choose the other one, so what do
you decide? Well, I have awesome sisters, and although
we have spent (wasted) lots of time deciding who is
going to be whose Maid of Honor I decided that since
I wanted Tara to get up and say nice things about me
in a speech that I would have Tara as my official Maid
of Honor ;) No, just kidding, but it was a hard choice.
They are both the best and I honor them both. I am so
grateful for such wonderful supportive sisters. 

Every time Austin or Jen would take Gianna away from Cameron during the reception she would cry. While looking through our wedding pictures it was like playing "Where's Waldo?" But with Gianna instead. She ended up in lots of our pictures because she was following Cameron around. I think that it was partly because he kept feeding her candy from the candy bar, but also because she loves him. 

Shoutout Mallett boys. These handsome young men are the Mallett brothers. Cameron is an honorary Mallett. Did you know? Cameron lived with the Malletts when he came home from his mission and then moved to Atascadero with Wes in September and that is when we started dating. So technically you can kind of thank Wes for this union. Thanks, Wes!  And thank you Mike and Ben for coming so far to support us.
(PS If you're wondering, ladies, these fellas are single and ready to mingle. I can hook you UP!)
Brother, Matthew and his beautiful family
Beautiful cake made my Izzy Garza. She made
EXACTLY what I wanted. It was amazing.
Plus, it was FUN FETTI! It was so good!!
After Cameron and I got our little sliver we
wanted to go back for some more!! Too bad we
had to talk to people or we would have pigged out!

Note: Gianna clings on Camerons leg

Our first dance as Husband and Wife. We danced to Train's "Marry Me."

I love that even during this sentimental time I can joke around with my dad. I think she took this picture right after my dad commented on how many people were at the reception and I jokingly said, "we are SOOO popular!"

Kaye loves her sons. I love this picture because you can really tell by the way she is looking at Cameron that she thinks that he is like the best thing since sliced bread. I know that because she told me when I met her that I was really lucky. It's true. Because I don't have children yet (and no I am not pregnant) I feel like I really can't even begin to comprehend the love of a mother. On Mother's Day we Skyped with Kaye along with Austin and Mike and their families. Within the first 5 minutes of our conversation Kaye started crying and said, "I love my boys." You might think that they were doing something sweet like telling their mom how much they love and admire her, but they weren't. I'm pretty sure they were just making fun of each other-true Jensen brother style. But Kaye misses her kids, even listening to them mock one other.  I hope some day my children feel that loved. 
Cameron said that I was everything he never knew he always wanted. I will never forget that. 

Tara told me when I first started to be interested in Cameron that he was the kind of guy she could see me ending up with. She always supported this relationship. She said that Cameron is the guy who is always at every activity, every temple trip, every Sunday meeting, always involved and helping. Thanks, Tara for reminding me what I wanted and deserved. And thank you so much for the sweet things you said this night. I love you! Thanks for being the MOA!

Austin reminded me that it is important to do my hair and makeup every day and to continue to try and look good for Cameron. He also mentioned cooking and laundry, I think. He's such a sweet guy.  

I am in LOVE with this picture. I love that people look like they are having fun in pictures at my reception. That's exactly what I wanted!! A big party!! Thanks for joining in, you guys!! 

My Aunt Lisa is the coolest
 Bouquet Toss!! 

I am THRILLED she caught it. I love you, Mary Soriano!

Thanks for keeping it classy, guys

This was one of my FAVORITE things about our reception. I don't know who gave us this idea but when I saw that instead of getting some lame rice thrown at you, we could walk down a lineup of sparklers I really really wanted to do it. Kaye got some sparklers on her way to California and my wish came true!! It was so amazing to walk through all of these people whooping and hollering and the sparklers going off. It was amazing. Plus I think the people had a lot more fun doing sparklers than they would throwing rice!