Thursday, August 23, 2012


Disneyland....or what I like to call, "The Last Hurrah!"

As most of you know, Cameron starts school on Monday, August 27th. Such a big boy. 

Oh, side note. I have to publicly apologize to my husband for my behavior. I talked to my cousin this morning on the phone and she was telling me that she had been looking at friends' blogs and saw all of these cute pictures of their kids' first days of school with their backpacks cute. THEN she read MY blog and saw this post. Well, I have a cute picture of Cameron with his SDSU backpack. According to her I am replacing the kids I want with my husband. I didn't know. I'm ashamed. So I will try and  be a cool wife instead of a cool "mom" to my husband from now on. ;) 

So, we just got back to what I am lovingly referring to as "The Last Hurrah." Since Cameron is starting school on Monday and I, HOPEFULLY will be starting to work in the next couple of weeks...

...unless Cameron and I want to start donating plasma to buy groceries (don't worry, Tara, we wont!) Or we could always panhandle. That seems to be a popular choice here in beautiful San Diego. Maybe I can go out on 73rd street next to the freeway on ramp and beg next to the lady who holds a sign that reads, "Homeless and Pregnant." I don't think they would have more sympathy for a girl who had a sign that says, "Teacher and Jobless."

Anyway, so here's where the Disneyland pictures start. I know I have posted about Disneyland in the recent months so for those of you who are sick of Disneyland (shame on you) here's where you stop reading.
Since it was kind of a big deal we decided to make this Disneyland trip like a mini-vacation. A 2-dayer. We left early Monday morning and parked our car at our hotel and spent the day at Disneyland. 

Even though it was SCORCHINGLY hot I will not whine about that, because we had such a lovely two days. 

Here I am! I got chosen to take the red card from the beginning of the Star Tours line to the end. This is how they figure out how long the line is so that they can write it at the beginning of the line. This is the first time I have been chosen to do it. Here I am being proud. :)
Since we had two days we were able to experience some of the things I never do when I am going to Disneyland just for a day. One of those things was going to the Animation building at California Adventure. They have this cool thing where you sit in a chair and they ask you questions about your personality and they tell you what Disney character you are most like. 

Cameron was: 

Buzz Lightyear

I was: 

Jane, from Tarzan

In Cameron's words, "not too shabby."

Here we are on Astro Blasters, one of Cameron and my favorites. I feel the selfish and self-elevating need to say something about this picture....

You know what? Cameron is pretty much good at everything. Which means that he is pretty much BETTER at everything than me. But look at our scores. 

I finally found something I can beat my husband at. 

Boo yah. 

Around 6:00pm I was STARVING and EXHAUSTED so we went and ate dinner and I took a little nap at our hotel. While I was napping Cameron found out that his good friend Russell Johnson and his wife Claire were ALSO at Disneyland! So we went and met up with them for a little while. It was nice to see them! 

Day two was all about:

Cameron and I waited for 1.5 hours to go on the Radiator Springs Racers, the biggest ride in Cars Land. It was a LONNNNNNNNG line. But it was totally worth it. It is such a cool ride! The cars in the ride look really realistic and there's even a part where you race another car and it goes pretty fast! Such a cool ride. I can't wait til we go on the off-season so we can go again and I don't have to wait so long! 

Finally made it on the ride! Here we are in our race car! 

This was awesome. Honda was at Disneyland promoting a Robot they have made called ASIMO. I normally would never have gone to this presentation but I am super glad that I did. This Robot is amazing. I felt like I was on an episode of the Jetsons. 

The last thing we did was the bumper tires in Cars Land. We waited less time for this one than the racers, but it was still about a 45 minute wait. It was pretty cool, but the tires are kind of soft and so the impact isn't that exciting. But it was fun to experience something new.

Cameron and I also experienced a night show I had never watched. It was Disneys World of Color at California Adventure. 


If anyone ever tells you that it isn't worth it, pish posh. It is amazing!

They spray water in the air and project images onto it while playing music and clips from Disney movies. Then between the clips they have water squirting in the air with colors and music and the occasional fire bursting from pipes in the ground. It is absolutely mind blowing. Go see it. You wont be sorry. 

Here's a clip if you want to check it out. But this doesn't really give it justice...even if it IS really cool on this clip. Plus Brave was an awesome movie :)

World Of Color

Disneyland was fun as ALWAYS, but I will be honest with the end of day 2 we were hobbling  around like we were 80. I guess walking miles and miles for two days in a row and not getting enough sleep does a number on your body. Who knew? People keep telling me I am young...but when I can't handle 2 straight days at Disneyland I stop believing them. It's all downhill from here. 

It was still worth it. 

Who wants to come with us next time? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

All Part of the Adventure

It's all Part of the Adventure

Let me tell you a little something about my Aunt Lisa. She is uuber positive. When I was 17 I went on their family vacation to Spain. No matter what happened on the trip, no matter how sketchy, scary, or annoying it was she always reminded us, "Hey, it's all part of the adventure!" I'm so grateful for her good example. Ever since I knew Cameron and I would be moving to San Diego I knew it would be a huge transition for us, and I have really tried to think of it this way. Here we go, off to begin a new adventure together.

After a whirlwind of activities, packing, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and a whole lot of sweat (TMI?)...we are now officially San Diego residents. Well, TECHNICALLY we are La Mesa residents, but same diff.

Saying goodbye to our friends and family was difficult. What made it even harder was that Cameron, my mom, and I all got a weird flu bug right before we that made seeing everyone we wanted to before we left, pretty much impossible. 

Cameron was a man about it and moved on. I was not so much of a man (shocked?)

So here's how the whole moving thing went down....

First, Cameron totaled his car while moving some of our stuff to store at my parents house. Just a couple of days before we left. But he is OK. And as you can see from the car....we are extremely blessed that he is. 

We said goodbye to friends

Besties--what would I have done without these girls while living at home? 

Besties---Wes and Cameron

And family....

Me, Callie, Tiana and baby Ava

We woke up (to my chagrin) at 3:00 am to beat the traffic. I was still not feeling well so poor Cameron had to drive the whole way without company.

Around 9:00am we arrived at our new home. My parents were about an hour behind us because they were driving the Uhaul with all of our stuff in it. So we explored our new home a little bit.

Info on our new place? Sure:

-We have a really nice pool and spa
-The "gym" is a bit of a joke...It's basically a closet with a crappy weight set and a bike-ish thing that looks like it came from Wal Mart.
-Our manager is really nice and keeps a really "tight ship" as she says
-We have some....interesting say the least
-Out place is nice and big. Much roomier than our last apartment.

My amazing parents helped us move all of our stuff and by Monday afternoon when they left we were pretty much completely unpacked. I was so sad to see my parents leave :(

To tell you the truth, i'm shocked they left! We even found jobs for them! There's a Vons down the street and a medical supply place just across the freeway from our apartment. It's like they were MEANT to stay here with us ;)

I tried really hard to not be a baby and cry when my parents left. I wont tell you whether or not I won that battle.

So, Cameron and I got busy settling in our new place.

Cameron had a lot of "fun" helping me put pictures up on the walls so our apartment seemed more like home.

Cameron told me that he thought it would probably make me happy if I could take down and replace all of the pictures on the wall every single day. What's that supposed to mean? ;)

Cameron humored me as I arranged and rearranged the pictures until they looked how I wanted them to
Cameron went to Orientation and got this nifty backpack. I teased him that I was going to follow him around and take pictures of everything he did his first day on campus.

pssst...Cameron thinks he got out of it, but i'm really just waiting til August 27th, his first REAL day of classes. THAT day...papa paparazzi.

Come on, Cameron, do a thumbs up! 
Other than that...we've been doing a WHOLE LOTTA THIS:

Life is good. We've just been enjoying spending time together before I am working and Cameron starts school.

Also, seriously...someone come visit us. Really. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rangie Wedding

Just got back from an amazing trip to Utah. I know, you're thinking "Utah? Amazing? Seriously Brianna?"
Well...this was a special trip. And Utah will have a special place in my heart forever because of my time there as a college student and because there are several people there who are special to me.
This trip to Utah was for one of my best friends' weddings: Angie Trujillo. Angie was my MTC companion and then my Roommate in Provo for 2 years. She's amazing. Robbie is oh so lucky. Robbie is Angie's husbands name. Hence the blog post name: Rangie Wedding. (Thanks Allison ;))

We stayed with Camerons Aunt and Uncle, Carma and John, in Bountiful. Carma is Cameron's Aunt on his dads side and his dad was the baby so Carma and John are a lot older than his parents. They are SO funny. I loved hearing their stories. I think that I am finally realizing why Cameron adores old people so much. 

The week started off with girls day where we took ZERO pictures. What's wrong with us, ladies? Girls  day consisted of Angie, Morgan, Allison, and I. We lived together in Provo for a year and these girls are my best friends (Bosom Friends for the Anne of Green Gables lovers out there). We went to Seven Peaks water park...which isn't as cool as Disneyland (which is where I had MY girls day before I got married (insert snooty voice and upturned nose)) but it was pretty fun ;) 

The only thing that could have made this girls day better is if our other roommate, Maureen, could have been there. But she lives in Vermont now and is pregnant and was unable to make it.
                       We missed you so much Maureen!!

The Wedding:

Wanna know something awesome? Elder Nelson is Robbie's grandfather. Elder Nelson performed Robbie and Angie's sealing. It was the SECOND most beautiful sealing I have ever attended.

I wont go on and on about what was said because that would probably bore you to death...but one thing really stuck out to me that I plan on implementing in my own marriage: 

He talked about using the two forms of compliment. ComplEment and complIment. He talked about how man and wife complEment each other by making each other complete. The man can never be complete without his wife because it is she who makes him what he could not be without her: a father. It is the same for the wife becoming a mother. I love this. He also spoke of making sure that Robbie and Angie complIment each other regularly. 

Allison and I waiting in front of the temple for Angie and Robbie to come out. It was SO hot. Bad day to wear a sweater. Oh least we had Allison and Brent there to entertain us. 

Cameron and I 

Here they are!! The happy couple!! Angie looked stunning, right? Her dress was perfect and I am absolutely in love with her bouquet.
 I think I am still seriously having some bride envy because of it

There are too many good things about this picture

I still feel like exploding with happiness when I look at this picture. Robbie and Angie are both the type of people that you meet and you wonder how they could possibly find another person perfect enough for them. Well, miracle of miracles, they found each other. I could NOT be happier. 

Me, Cameron, Brent

Had to get my Cafe Rio fix for the trip. :) Cameron paid me the best compliment when he told me that MY Cafe Rio salad was actually MORE TASTY than Cafe Rio's Cafe Rio salad (blush)

We got to meet Morgan's boyfriend, Calvin. (yay) I can't say for sure, like 100% yet, but I'm pretty sure I approve. And that's saying a lot. Cause Morg's kind of special. 

Calvin, Morgan, Allison, Brent, Me, Cameron
My life would be much more happy if they lived in San Diego

Sometimes I still gotta make him chase me a little ;)

Calvin, Morgan, Robbie, Angie, Allison, Brent, Me, Cameron
Rangie's reception was absolutely beautiful. They had it at the Garden Park Ward building which apparently is like the coveted place to have your reception in Utah County. It is a very old church building with a huge grassy area and a little river running through it.
(Slight case of bride envy that she got to have her reception outside

Forever Treehouse girls: 

Morgan, Angie, Allison, Brianna

We got a little bored on the way home. We're so cool.

Classic Utah...started pouring rain half way through the day....

We stopped in Mesquite and stayed in the Virgin River Hotel and Casino (not super classy, but cheap). We watched a few hours of the Olympics, slept, and the next day we were off again...

um....I apologize in advance...I may or may not look like I am homeless in the following pictures. 

Stopped at the Mad Greek in Baker California....

I asked Cameron what his opinion of the Mad Greek was.

His answer?: "Not super impressed."