Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Carving......

This is Halloween, this is Halloween..............

Pstttttttt....guess what? My mom doesn't really like Halloween that much. Don't tell her I told you. She might not want you to judge her based on that fact cause other than that, she's like the coolest lady I know. Don't worry, growing up my mom did an excellent job of still allowing us to be kids and dress up, pumpkin carve, and trick-or-treat. But other than that we just weren't really that into it. And I really am still not that into it. I don't like scary things. One time some friends of mine at BYU-I convinced me to go to a haunted mill with them and it has LITERALLY scarred me for life. My heart still races when I think about going through the HELL they called "a spook house for all to enjoy." SCARED THE BEJEEBERS OUT OF ME. 

Despite not really loving Halloween tradition that I do like. A lot. Pumpkin carving!! We would always go to the old Pumpkin Farm in Paso where I grew up and we each got to pick our own pumpkins. I loved going home and carving our pumpkins. My mom would always take the seeds and make pumpkin seeds which were oh so yummy....I was happy to hear that Cameron's mom did the same, and when we got our pumpkins we both agreed that we would need to roast our own pumpkin seeds this year. 

Here's a picture of my sister, Tara, my brother, Matthew and I one year carving our pumpkin. Please ignore the partial nudity. 

Here are some pictures from this years pumpkin carving (don't worry, I am wearing pants in all of the pictures)

Here is my blank slate: 

Here is Camerons: (He let me have the big one...he's so good to me)

Ready to CARVE!

Cameron was disappointed I didn't look crazier in this picture. I think that there are enough crazy picture s of me in the world already. I'm cool with this one. 

Here's my finished product!! MICKEY MOUSE!!!

Honestly, I was proud it even looked like Mickey at all. I've never done anything but a classic Jack-o-lantern before. 

With much more patience and precision....

And while listening to Pandora's Halloween Party Radio.... 

 And while I cleaned, soaked, and cooked the Pumpkin seeds:

Sometimes with a pumpkin you get flat, small, weak-sauce seeds, but not these babies! 

Just like mama used to make 'em


Introducing Mike Wazowski 

Here they are, side by side, Disney-inspired pumpkins 


 *Authors note. Even though I don't like being scared or really a lot about Halloween...I pretty much can't wait til I get to dress up with my kids. This year one of my best friends, Jana, dressed up as Bo Peep and her baby was a Sheep. HOW CUTE IS THAT. Kill me, I can't handle it. I'm so jealous! Hopefully by the time we have a kid I can convince Cameron to dress up with us too....we'll see.



Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aztec Soccer and Being Spirited...

Fight on and on ye Aztec men 
Sons of Montezuma 
We will win again 
Keep your spirits high 
Never bow a knee 
We will fight till victory 
Fight on and on ye Aztec men 
Proudly raise your banners high 
For it's the Red and Black 
Hail to our team 
San Diego Aztecs fight!

Confession: while attending BYU (my Alma Mater) I did not have one ounce of school spirit.


About a year into my BYU experience I heard people talking about "Cosmo" in relation to a sporting event. After about 15 minutes of listening to their conversation I had to ask....
Me: " Cosmo like the quarterback or something." 

Reaction: laughter. 

They laughed like I was kidding, but I totally wasn't. 

I never did get the answer....I finally asked my roommate Angie who he was, and she laughed at me too, but answered saying it is BYU's MASCOT, DUH! 

(Kids in Utah (at least the ones who aren't Utes fans) are pretty much indoctrinated to love Cosmo from a young age. I don't judge my Utah-born bestie, Angie for laughing that I had no clue who he was)

What does this have to do with Aztec soccer? 

Well,  I was DETERMINED to be full of more school spirit living vicariously through Cameron as he goes through school. Neither Cameron or I would naturally be super crazy spirited/school involved people, but Cameron's on board with the being spirited thing, I think. 

We even looked up the chant that they do during sporting events:

we've even started doing it for each other as a pick-me-up. It always makes me happy when Cameron says, "I.......I BELIEVE.....I BELIEVE THAT WE.....I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN...." Pretty good life motto as well, I think.

So, in our efforts to be both sporty (more of my effort than Camerons...he's already sporty) and to be good Aztec fans, Cameron and I went to an SDSU Women's Soccer Game on Friday night. It was really fun! 

SDSU vs University of Wyoming
October 19, 2012 

Such school spirit, this boy

Two of the reasons why I was stoked to go to this soccer game... 

1. Cameron told me that they were ranked #6 in their league so they would probably that was good...

2. The goalie is Mormon! We see her Wednesday nights when we go to institute. Cameron asked me if I was going to pretend on my blog that we're friends with her because we know who she is...I'm not going to do that...even though I wanted to a teeny bit.


Even though they are ranked #6 Wyoming scored in like the first 5 minutes.
...but no worries!! We ended up coming back and winning 3-1. It was an exciting game and BOTH coaches ended up getting yellow cards for yelling at the ref....I didn't even know coaches could GET yellow cards! That added some drama, which is always entertaining. 

In the end, having school spirit is really pretty awesome.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

One of the Best Days I've Had in a Long Time....

Don't worry, guys, I/we are still alive!! 
Things have been incredibly busy here in the San Diego Jensen home. 

You see...

Cameron is taking over 20 units (Successfully, that crazy pants!)

I am (finally) working. For those of you who know, it took me about a month of searching my butt off here in San Diego for a teaching job to realize that it just wasn't going to happen :( Once I realized that and started applying for other jobs I was pretty much hired immediately for a Before-and-After-School Program in Mira Mesa. Because it is a BEFORE and AFTER School Program I have a split shift. IT SUCKS LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. It feels good to admit that. Whew. Anyway, so my shift is 7:00am-10:00am and then from 1:45-6:45. The major problem is that it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work and it would be a ridiculous amount of gas for me to go home during my breaks, so I don't. So I am gone about 13 hours every day, Monday-Friday. Good thing I found a cheap gym that is right down the street from my work so I spend the majority of my break working out and getting ready again. I'm grateful for the time to work out and read my scriptures on my break, but let's get real...It is very VERY hard to be gone for so many hours of the day. I get home around 7:15 and by 9 or 9:30 I am falling asleep. Cameron and I spend very very little time together during the week because of this. That's why I RELISH my weekends :) 

So far today has been the best day. It's the simple things in life, really, that make me the happiest. 

Here's what made me happy today: 

1. I "slept in" as my Dad would call it (I woke up at luxurious) 
2. Cameron went to the store and I didn't have to go, which meant I got to sit in bed in my PJ's and Facebook (guilty pleasure) instead of facing the world. 
3. Cameron brought home fresh bagels, which I love, and NEVER eat.
4. Cameron brought me roses. I just about melted. I am still completely wooed. 

Sorry for the poor quality...I used my Ipod instead of a real camera because I was being lazy and didn't want to go find our point and shoot camera ;/

5. I got to watch General Conference
6. Cameron and I went swimming and in the Hot Tub. 
7. I still have not left our apartment complex
8. I got to talk to my mom on the phone. 
9. I ate chocolate, which I also don't allow myself to do during the week. Such luxury. 

He's the best.

My life is good. And I am so happy, despite everything. 

And so grateful. Sometimes I am so happy I feel like I am going to burst from the inside out. Have you ever felt that way? I hope so.