Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Was Coming So Darcy the Dragon Was Thinking What He Should DO.....


Yay, it is December!!!!! FINALLY! Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy my very most cherished time of the year. I love Christmas SO much. It is exciting to be married and to experience Christmas festivities with a spouse! Everything seems so new and exciting. I love "firsts."
So, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon I listen to one of my favorite Christmas classics:
Darcy The Dragon <3 By Roger Whittaker and blog about some of the festive things Cameron and I have been up to. 

Decorating the Christmas Tree:

My family is BIG into Christmas Traditions. For example, getting/decorating the tree is a big deal. Here's how it goes down in the Griffith house:
-We ALWAYS cut our own tree....and it is NEVER fake. That's blasphemous.
-WHILE we decorate the tree my mom oversees the putting on of the lights first and makes sure that we HIDE THE WIRES deep in the tree. This is always an ordeal. 
-My dad makes eggnog milkshakes and we eat them while we decorate the tree. It is vanilla ice cream and eggnog. Not eggnog ice cream. That's important. 
-Then we sit around and look at the tree while indulging on our rich milkshakes. 

Here's what it looked like in the Jensen home:
-We got our tree for 25 bucks at Home Depot. But at least it is real! 
-I oversaw putting the lights on the tree. After the tree was decorated this conversation happened:
Cameron: "Did you learn to bury the lights in the tree like that from your mom?" 
Me: (after contemplating what he meant) "Yes, yes I did."

...this conversation followed some self-reflection on my part. I am becoming more and more like my mother. Isn't it weird how we subconsciously do things like our moms? I always thought my mom was kind of crazy with her OCD need to have the wires buried in the tree. Then I did it too, without even thinking. 

Cameron and I kept thinking and thinking about a new tradition we could start of something yummy to eat while we decorated the tree, but since we couldn't really think of anything we both wanted we ended up having hot chocolate. 

Callie was in China last year and got Cameron and I little Chinese boy and girl ornaments!! So cute. 

Happy first Christmas, Husband! 

 Decorating Cookies!!

This is a tradition I do not remember doing much as a child. Maybe my mom doesn't like sugar cookies that much? I'm not sure? But Cameron says he remembers making cookies as a child during Christmas and so he made some sugar cookie dough and we made sugar cookies with the 100 cookie cutters we got as a wedding present. 

See the purple shape? Well, I thought it was a train, so I pulled it out, like to be the Polar Express...then after we cut them out, Cameron goes, "Why did you pull out the Fire Truck?" Oh, oops.

We are both so looking forward to going home for the Holidays. We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas

Craciun fericit

С Рождеством