Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mi mansión es su mansión

One year ago you made me a wife and I made you a husband! 

Forever can never be long enough for me
To feel  like I've had long enough with you

Together can never be close enough for meTo feel like I am close enough to youYou wear white and I'll wear out the words I love youAnd you're beautiful

Marry meToday and every dayMarry meIf I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe


Promise me you'll always beHappy by my sideI promise to sing to youWhen all the music dies


Say you willSay you willMarry me
It seems absolutely crazy that Cameron and I have been married for a YEAR already. Our lives have changed so much since we said, “I do” that sometimes it feels like we've been married foreverbut mostly it feels like yesterday.
Even though I get paid like 25 cents an hour (at least it feels like it) and we are poor as church mice we knew we wanted to do something really special for our first year anniversary. Cameron took it upon himself to plan our Anniversary trip and to keep it a secret to up the excitement/romance factor. We decided that since our anniversary was on a Saturday that I would take a Friday off and make it a long weekend so that Cameron didn’t have to take school off and I didn’t have to miss more than a day of work.
So, Cameron planned our trip and the night before we left he told me where we were going and what we were doing.
        Cameron got really close to one of the members of the bishopric when he was serving as the Elders Quorum President in our singles ward. Cameron loves this man. Whenever he talks to this brother I say, “How was your best friend?” He calls Cameron his “church son.” Cameron’s best friend has an amazing houseok it’s kind of a mansionin Arroyo Grande that he currently trying to sell. He told Cameron if he ever had a special occasion that he wanted to stay at the house he could. You know, the old, "Mi mansión es su mansión" When Cameron told me that it was a mansion I figured it was just a nice house. But I underestimated Cameron. Let me tell you whatthis house is AHHHHHHMAzing. We drove up to Arroyo Grande Thursday night after I got off work and when we drove up I realized I was in for an amazing weekend.

Here are some pictures of our borrowed mansión

nuestro dormitorio

The view from our amazing balcony. You could see the

 ocean off to the right. We ate breakfast out here every 

morning. Absolutely stunning. 

Day 1-Bob Jones Trail, Avila Beach, Bocce Ball

Friday morning we slept in and ate Bagels and 

then headed to Avila Beach. 

It was a perfect day. The first place we headed 

was to my absolute favorite place to run:

Where we randomly ended up running into my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe! It was such a nice surprise to run into them!
After our run we ate at Avila Grocery and spent the day laying out and playing Bocce Ball. It was a perfect and very relaxing day.
That evening we went to one of our favorite places to eat in San Luis: Petra. 

Go ahead and be jealous of my Dollar Store sunglasses, if you want. 

This guy was SUCH A CREEPER! We watched him stand there in his tall socks, tennis shoes, and hair and mustache straight out of Miami Vice OOGLE girls in tiny bikinis pretty much the whole time we were there. When we were walking to our car we saw him get into a white TOTAL creeper van, too. Watch out for this perv if you ever see him at Avila, ladies. 

Petra makes us so happy

Day 2: March 16th (OUR ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY) Old West Cinnamon Rolls, almost puked my guts out, nap, Morro Bay, Aquarium, Giuseppe's Cucina Italiana

This is my face before I ate a delicious Old West Cinnamon Roll:

This is my face:


I was SO sick, my friend. I don’t know what happened, but by the time I got to the Butterfly Grove down the street in Pismo, I felt like I was going to vomit. I had to sit down while Cameron looked around at all of the beautiful Monarchs. 

Yes, I do think that they are doing it right here, so sorry for the PG-13 photo. All of the other butterflies were too far away to get a clear photo of!! 
We went to Vons to get me something to help my stomach and 3 or 4 times I wrenched and bent over because all of the blood had drained from my face and I thought I was going to puke in the middle of the store. To make a long story short, we got some tummy medicine, took the recommended dosage, headed back to our mansión and took a nap.

Two hours later I woke up and was ready to finish our day. I never threw up and was perfectly fine after medicine and resting, but it was a super weird reaction. Sugar overload? I think, yes.

After the tummy-episode we headed to Morro Bay and walked around and went to the teeny tiny aquarium and looked at the fish and fed the Sea Lions. 

YES. Don’t worry, we were DEFINITELY wearing our matching shirts. A few people commented on them and LOTS of people stared at us. That’s how we roll. 

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life 

Day 3: Last day L Walk around the property, 

Lunch at Klondike Pizza, The Melodrama, 


Sad to leave :(
Sunday we woke up and decided we were too sad to leave already and to just stick around the whole day. We went and walked around downtown AG, ate lunch, and went back to the house and packed up.
Next we went somewhere I HAVE to publicly thank my husband for humoring me and doing. You see, I grew up on the Central Coast and have never had the chance to go to the Melodrama and I have always wanted to go! I had told Cameron I really wanted to go before we left for our trip, but when I initially told him he seemed pretty much uninterested in going so I let it go at firstbut then we saw that the melodrama’s theme currently was LES MISERABLES and I pretty much BEGGED him to go with me. Well, Sunday at 6:30pm we were in our seats and I was hoping that it would not disappoint.

Totally didn’t.

We were both thoroughly entertained.

At the Melodrama

Even though we didn't get home until the WEE hours of the morning and I had to be to work by 8am Monday morning, I didn't regret that we squeezed every possible second out of our trip that we could.

It was amazing.

A BIG thank you to Cameron’s best friend and his lovely wife for letting us stay in their home. I couldn't have imagined a better trip in the whole world. 

And thank you, Cameron, for planning an amazing trip! Thank you for marrying me! Thank you for putting up with a CRIZAZY wife! Thank you for being wonderful!

Here’s to the rest of eternity! Whoo hoo!!!!!

Year 1 of Being Mrs. Jensen



AKA Mrs. Jensen-Year 1

So...along with my blog post about our Anniversary trip last weekend I wanted to do a little photo montage of some highlights of our first year married! 

 Cameron and I discussed the moments we loved the most this past year and I just happened to have some pictures of some of them. So, here it goes! Enjoy!

Of course the Honeymoon is going to make the list! 

Honeymoon March 2012

For my birthday last year my parents and sister, Tara, came to spend the weekend with us. It was awesome. 


We were so blessed to have spent a whole week at home on the Central Coast for the holidays. Such a lovely vacation. 

Cameron’s 25th Birthday!
We celebrated by going to one of our favorite places: El Torito 

Our first Valentines Day as a married couple
Valentines Day 2013

Wes and Nichole’s Wedding 

That one time I gave Cameron bangs… 

Easter at home on the Ranch with family…

The first time my dad had a son-in-law on Fathers Day 2012


Our 1st 4th of July-very relaxed, very enjoyable 

Moving to San Diego
And out of our very first apartment...very hard for me. I loved that place so much. On to new adventures! 

Shaking Elder Nelsons hand…(I know, NBD,right?)

Robbie and Angies Wedding
(also meeting Morgan's now-Husband Calvin for the first time!! :))

Cameron started school at SDSU. All grown up and attending a 4 year school!! J


Whale Watching 

Spending time with Jen, Austin, and Gianna when they came to visit us in San Diego! 

Morgan and Calvin’s Wedding! 

Dear husband, 
Thank you for an amazing year. Thank you for being so wonderful. 
I can't wait for the amazing adventures to come. 
I love you.