Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in White, Here Comes the Groom.....

Monsieur et Madame Lange 

I don’t know if you guys know this, BUT…I’m pretty good at hair and makeup. I recently was HONORED to help yet another (my 6th!) beautiful bride get ready on her wedding day. When I was living at home, attending the San Luis Obispo YSA Ward I became besties with three amazing girls. One of those amazing girls is Mary Soriano. She got married on March 23rd in the LA LDS Temple and she asked my sister, Tara, and I to come help her get ready! 

Here are some pictures of the wedding day prep. Mary was a dream to help because she was completely drama and stress-free (even if she did cry like a tiny baby when I brushed her hair…love you Mary!) Speaking as a semi-professional (?) it really helps when your ‘canvas,’ as I like to call a person's face, belongs to like a super hot Peruvian-American girl. You can't really mess that one up.

PS. I am only going to let you look at these heinous pictures of me doing Mary's makeup if you PROMISE not to look at me, but just at her. 


 I could do this all day, every day. Should have been one of those “cosmetology school” girls.

Please don't look at Tara and I-Look at beautiful Mary!
I could NEVER have curled Mary's MASSIVE amount of hair and finished on time! Thank you Tara for helping me!

If I could create a thought bubble coming out of Derek’s head it would be this: “How did I get lucky enough to be marrying this beautiful girl!?” (Tara took this picture right as Derek saw Mary for the first time all dolled up for their sealing) 

So so happy! On their way to the temple!

After Derek and Mary headed off to the temple Cameron came over and told me that he had found out that Brother Lassen, my cousin’s wife’s dad (that sounded more confusing than it is) who ALSO sealed Cameron and I, were going to seal Derek and Mary! I was so excited to go to another sealing with our same sealer! He is such a sweet, amazing, spiritual giant of a man. 

Mr and Mrs Lange

I am in love with this picture. Derek looks ecstatic! 

Me and my ET-(you know, Eternal Companion) I'm trying to be hip like the young kids and use acronyms

Tara, my madre, and I

 We were even lucky enough to sneak a pic of us and the bride and groom!!

I adore this girl to pieces. Absolute pieces. I'm so happy for her! 

After the sealing my parents, Tara, and I did some family sealings and initiatories and then went out to dinner at Buca Di Beppo. Yu-umm...I think I am STILL trying to work off that Shrimp Alfredo...

It was, yet again, another lovely weekend spent with so many people I love. Thank you, Mary, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding and to share in your joy. Each time I attend a sealing I am able to relive the day when Cameron and I were sealed for time and all eternity. I am forever grateful for the gospel, for temples, and for the sealing ordinance.
I’m just so blessed.

hippity hop, hippity hop....

Don’t worry, guys! I didn't forget about Easter! It has just been crazy around here, you know, with Cameron visiting his Mom in Texas (FOR SIX DAYS!) and me busy eating ice cream, feeling sorry for myself, and catching up on every Hulu-available show known to man, I really haven’t had time to pencil in blogging. 

This actually makes me never want to eat ice cream again

Easter was amazing this year!

I was blessed enough to work a ½ day on Friday and head up to the Central Coast and attend Derek and Mary Lange’s wedding reception! What a beautiful, beautiful couple. We are so happy for you Mr. and Mrs. Lange!  

Saturday we spent the day in my grandma Shirley’s garden. She hasn’t been feeling well pretty much for the last year so her once beautiful garden is now a wild jungle. 
The second my mom mentioned "working in grandmas garden for a bit" Cameron jumped on that like Fleegle Flies on a Flat Faced Floogle Horse. With Cameron whipping us like a task master (just kidding...maybe) my sister Tara, Cameron, and I made grandmas back yard look Easter-party-ready! It was a beautiful day, and with the help of a little thing called ALLERGY MEDICINE, even I was able to help. It was amazing and very satisfying work. 

Sunday morning we woke up before the sun and had a sunrise sacrament service. I know, you’re thinking, “that’s amazing. I’m so jealous!” right? Well, it was my mom’s idea, so I can’t take any credit. But it was awesome. Here are some pictures Tara took on the way up the hill:

We found the Easter Bunny on the way to the top!! 

Cameron and I walking to the top. I know, I know, I look super sexy. Try and not be super attracted to me right now.

 After our service we came back down and showered and got ready for the day. Then we had the typical family party at my grandma’s house full of good food, family, and Easter egg hunts!

Grandma Shirley and my "cousin" Mike White.

I am very sorry I am SO HEAVY that my husband needed to make this face in this picture

He's my favorite

 We were also lucky enough to see Cameron's sister, Kendra, and her boyfriend Marvin (Or Marv Dogg, if you will) who stopped by and ate dinner with us! 

Cameron and Kendra 

Cameron, Kendra, and I

Me, Cameron, Kendra, Marv Dogg

We missed you Cal! 

Obviously she's got a lot more going for her than her humor. But it is a shining quality

Love that crazy family of mine!
My cousin, Katie, Tara, and I

Classic Tharaldsen Woman style: Easter photo shoot
 Adden's Easter Egg hunt:

My nephew Adden is the cutest. Seriously. My sister, Tara, hid money in one of the eggs and candy in the rest. After Tara and I hid the eggs, I went out to the front yard to say goodbye to Kendra and Marv Dogg and Adden started hunting eggs. As I was walking back and I hear, "pssst...Brona" and Adden was sneaking around the corner. He told me that he couldn't find the egg with the money in it and that Tara couldn't find it either. He told me that Tara said that if SHE found it before he did, that SHE was going to keep the money. He told me that if I told him where it was that he could go back out to the backyard and say, "I found it, look Tara!" So he made me tip-toe all the way to the backyard and show him where it was so that he could trick Tara into thinking he found it. 

The kid is 4. He never ceases to amaze me.