Saturday, June 29, 2013

A BABY For Christmas

As most of you already know, Cameron and I are having a BABY! We are excited, scared, ecstatic, thrilled, freaked know, the normal stuff.

Honestly, it is so crazy to be pregnant. It's something I feel like I have been waiting my ENTIRE LIFE for, and now it is a reality. It doesn't feel real. Not even when I see this ultrasound picture I still just don't feel like it could be real. But it is AMAZING. 

Here I am at 12 Weeks: just barely showing, but I still feel super chubby. I really can't wait til I have a REAL bump. 

Don't ask me why, but so far, I really feel uncomfortable with pregnancy pics. You know the super cute ones that people take with the guy touching her stomach? It makes me feel SO WEIRD. Maybe some time in the next few weeks I will feel less weird about it when I have a bigger tummy.

Then again....maybe not.

I found a super simple pregnancy update online so I decided to try and do it every month and take pics so you can see me become ginormous. Isn't that exciting?! 

In all reality, we really ARE super excited. I get more and more excited as the days go by. I like to sit and imagine what our baby will look like. 

This is Cameron as a baby (I will definitely be getting some of mine the next time I go home)

I literally cannot even look at this without gushing and imagining our own chubby cherub of a baby.

So, without further adieu....

 How far Along? 
15 WEEKS!!

How big is Baby? 
4 inches long!
Weighs 2 1/2 ounces
About the size of an apple
 (Which, let me tell you, that seems HUGE to me when I think about it. Comparing it to a Kumquat which is what they compared it to a few weeks ago!)

How am I feeling?
Still feeling really tired. But the nausea has really subsided and I am starting to feel more like myself. YAY!

What do I miss?
Being a good/fun wife
Liking food
Feeling fit
Sleeping through the night (yea, I know all moms out there are telling me to get used to it. But I still miss it)

My gag reflex is still going strong. EVERYTHING makes me dry heave. Monday I changed poopy underwear (please don't be jealous of my job. Not everybody can be a preschool teacher) I thought I could handle it because I my nose was so stuffy I thought I wouldn't be able to smell it. the middle of changing the little booger I lost my breakfast in the kids' sink. So, things are not perfect, but I DO feel A LOT better than I was feeling. I was pretty sick from weeks 6-10, but since then it has gotten better and better. I have been really lucky. I know a lot of women who were WAY sicker than I am. I count my blessings.

The only craving I have had is hamburgers. Oh, and chips. Mostly I still don't really like food (but you wouldn't know that from how often I have to eat.) I really have no desire to eat anything sweet, which is weird, but good. Hopefully that will help me keep my weight down. I still have more aversions to food than cravings. We'll see how that changes in the next few weeks!

Highlights of the week?
Being far enough along to start feeling comfortable telling people and talking about it. I have been such a crazy person and haven't wanted to tell many people about my pregnancy in case something happened. It feels really good to have gotten this far along, to have been to the doctor TWICE already, to have an ultrasound and see the little nugget moving around and at our last appointment we heard the little heartbeat. SO AMAZING. I have never been so amazed at anything in my whole life.

In July we find out the sex! WHAT?! Already!? I am so so excited. Please don't be shy baby! I can't wait to find out what you are! Cameron and I want a boy, but honestly I am just so excited I could really see it being either one.

Any guesses?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meeting Baby Mya

Baby Mya's Blessing/Jensen Family Reunion

June 2013

Last weekend Cameron's family was able to do something they RARELY get to do....SEE EACH OTHER! Cameron's brother, Mike and his wife, Heidi had a little girl in April and on the 23rd they blessed her in Boron, California. Vacation capital, USA. ;) 

This is pretty much what all of Boron looks like. Except for the mine, the base, and a FEW houses. I exaggerate the word FEW houses because there really are very FEW of them. 

My sister-in-law, Heidi grew up in Boron and so we stayed with her family and spent time with Cameron's family who were also there. It was a rare moment that Cameron's mom and ALL 4 of her children were together at one time. The only people we were missing were Cameron's brother Austin's wife, Jen and their little girl. They were in a dance recital that weekend and were unable to make it. I was really sad they didn't come (still holding it against you, Jen ;) 

We all stayed with Heidi's dad and step-mom who were absolutely gracious and wonderful. Even when I ended up staying at the house with Heidi's family while Cameron went on adventures my tired pregnant self didn't want to go on I felt totally comfortable staying and spending time with Heidi and her family. It gave me a really good opportunity to hold baby Mya (good practice ;)), talk with Heidi and really get to know her, and also to get to know Heidi's sister, Becca, who is super awesome. Good seeds, those girls :)

After a leisurely morning of hanging out and swimming, Cameron, Kaye (my mother-in-law), and Mike go to pick up Austin at the Airport. They weren't going to be back until 12:30 in the morning...that meant I was staying home. Ever since I got pregnant I have been pretty much useless after 8:00pm. I stayed and held Mya and watched Babe with Yo, Heidi's step-mom. It was a lovely evening and I went to sleep at 9:00pm. This girl really knows how to party. 

Kaye, Cameron, Mason (Mike and Heidi's 2-year-old boy), Mike

Mason Kept on telling Kaye to swim him over to me to have his torpedo shark toy "get me." The best part was that he totally has an Evil Baby voice as he yelled "GIT HUH!" 

The boys went golfing in the morning while I stayed and did more sleeping and baby-girl holding.  

Mike and Austin

Woot woot, look at those leg muscles! (Notice I say nothing of form because I have only ever been Miniature Golfing. Once)
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So nice to see what good friends these boys are and how happy Cameron is to be around them. I hope our children have that kind of bond. It's really awesome.

Eating Mexican food and celebrating Mike's Birthday! Happy 30th Birthday to you, Michael!

All of the Jensen Siblings. No normal picture was taken. 

Relaxing, swimming, BBQ, playing, napping, and Soccer!

I love this pictures! Neither of us can believe that in less than 6 months, Cameron will be holding his OWN child trying to get him/her to not scream. We can't wait.
Also, isn't Mya beautiful!? Even if she was a little fussy because she was sick. Still love that baby girl! 

Kendra and Mason

Patriotic Jensens: Mya and Mike (isn't that shirt Heidi made with the Kids' handprints cute? The back of it says: Daddio. She's so crafty. I want to copy her and make one for Cameron next year. 

Preparing to indoctrinate his own child that Soccer is the only sport

Sometimes I feel like pregnancy makes me look like total weak sauce. Then I have to remind myself that...It does. And that's ok. I didn't feel like it was a great idea to kick the ball around with Cameron's know, gotta protect my baby's head. What if good looks is the only thing he/she has going for them?! SO....I just held Mya...and looked pale and sick.  

Sunday was Mya's blessing.
I got a little bit of a cold from the Florida Jensens so by the time 10:00am rolled around I was already ready for a nap. So At 11:30 Cameron had to come and "wake the beast" so that I could get ready for church by 1:00pm.

Mya's blessing was beautiful. Two things that really stuck out to me was that she would realize the support that she has from her family and that she would be a good example in her life to others. I cried. Of course. I blame the pregnancy...might as well, right?

Kendra, Cameron, Austin, Mike

Kaye looks like she is going to burst with happiness in this picture. Surrounded by her kids is her heaven.

Marv Dogg, Kendra, Cameron, me, Kaye, Heidi with Mya, Mike with Mason (who kept saying that he didn't want "cheese" as the rest of the family was trying to get him to say "cheese" and smile for the camera. He was over it.), Austin.

I could only wish to look as good as Heidi does...not only this soon after having a baby, but after having TWO kids!
They are such a great family :)

Pregnancy does NOT make EVERY person glow. Sometimes it makes people look really tired and like they are maybe going to barf. So don't judge. 

The girls

Kaye and Baby Mya