Monday, July 22, 2013

Safari Park

Ever since Cameron and I moved to San Diego we have talked about going to the Safari Park. Well...just like everything else that costs money, like Sea World...:(, we haven't wanted to spend the extra cash to go.

BUT...YAY for my parents because when they came to visit they bought us year-long memberships to the San Diego Zoo and you get to go to the Safari Park with your membership, too! WE WERE STOKED.

Saturday our friend Jake came into town to go to a wedding AT THE SAFARI PARK. Can you imagine?! Well...this might help you imagine it:

I'm sorry, but wow. When I first heard they were getting married there I thought it was crazy...but then I saw the location and these pictures and I changed my mind.

So, if you're looking for a really awesome place to get's pretty awesome. Who doesn't want to take Man and Wife picture with a cheetah? COME ON!

Anyway, before the wedding festivities started Jake, Cameron, and I headed over to the Safari Park and explored from about 10:00-3:30 when Jake had to go meet up with the wedding party.

Bald Eagle

Cameron and Jake 

 Lemur Walk
Apparently Lemurs are docile enough that they are able to allow the crowds to walk right through their cage! This Lemur, my friends is literally right in front of us. NO CAGE. Well, it was IN A CAGE, but so were we! It was cool.
They like to move it, move it, they like to move it move it (Sorry, I hang out with 3 and 4 year olds all day)

How Far Along are You!?
Yep, you've guessed it, folks. I finally look pregnant enough that some brave soul in the bathroom asked me how far along I am. I was shocked because just a couple weeks ago I was saying to Cameron, "I think maybe I'm getting bigger and looking more pregnant." Cameron looked at my belly and said, "I think if I didn't know you I would probably just think you were chubby." HAHA...Oh sweet husband. But, it's true, really. I'm just barely getting big enough that I don't just look fat. But in this picture...I kind of just look fat. I'll take a better belly picture when I go home this weekend. Promise.  

Lily Pads
Here's Jake and I trying out the lily pads on the're supposed to be able to see how frogs feel jumping from pad to pad. I was more concerned with shoving my face with the Goldfish in my hand :/

Cheetah Run!

At 3:00 every afternoon they bring the Cheetah out and let the people see her run! Even though it was a lot of waiting around for a short amount of time watching her run it was pretty spectacular to see. You know Cheetahs can get up to 70 miles per hour!? 

 After Jake headed over to the wedding I felt like I was going to fall over dead. I was SO. TIRED. I have been feeling so much better than before, I think I overestimated my capabilities. The Safari Park is GINORMOUS. By 3:30 I felt like I had just spent a 14 hour day at Disneyland. But before we left Cameron and I took the one safari ride we could for free. They have several packages where you can do really cool close encounters with animals, but you have to pay quite a bit extra to do that. Which I think is ridiculous. That would be like Disneyland making you pay 40 bucks extra to take a picture with Mickey!

There are only 7 White Rhinos left in the world and they have 2 of them here at the Safari Park! 

Even though I thoroughly exhausted myself and fell asleep at 8:00pm that night I was so glad we went. Can't wait to go again.

ALLISON WAGSTAFF, don't you want to come work here?! Cameron and I kept talking about how cool it would be if you could move down here and work at the Safari Park!!! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fauxth of July 2013


Aka Fauxth of July

So, for the REAL 4th of July I was sick as a dog and laying in bed. It was the 2nd Z-pac (antibiotics) I had been on in the last 30 days for two different bouts with sickness. As a preschool teacher I get sick a lot. I'm used to it. But with a very compromised immune system due to baby Jensen...I have pretty much not only been nauseous and tired because of being pregnant, but SICK on top of it for 16 weeks (that was 4th of July...I am 18 weeks now and doing oh-so-much better now, thank you for asking). So our 4th of July was pretty much the lamest ever and I did not so much as leave the house. Poor Cameron. :( But by the next day the antibiotics had kicked in and I was feeling a lot better. Good thing because we were about to kick off quite the weekend...

Friday afternoon (July 5) my sister, Tara, and our friend Blake from home came down to go to the US National Soccer Team play Guatemala here in San Diego. 

Me (very enthusiastically waiting for the game to start), Blake, Cameron, and Will (Cameron serves with Will in the Young Mens)

 In our household we watch A LOT of soccer. A lot. Sometimes I come home and Cameron is watching like the MOST random game in the world like "under 21-years-old league, Zimbabwe vs. Fiji" I sometimes wonder what the point is. Cameron says that he is an "ENTHUSIAST." I think that just means he's obsessed with soccer. So, needless to say...I've learned a lot about soccer since we got married. But because of that I actually knew some of the players' names and faces and could follow most of what happened! I'm so proud of my newfound sportiness.

The game was awesome...we kicked their trash...I'm pretty sure it was 4-0. Not too shabby.

Two of the best things about the soccer game were the great patriotic outfits some people wore. This guy's was awesome. I especially enjoyed one guys full-body suit. 

We showed our patriotism by buying 5$ 4th of July shirts at Target...

The next day Wes Mallett (another great friend from home who now lives down here with his wife) joined us at the beach. Even though it was cloudy it was still plenty warm and we all got in the water which was nice and warm (bless southern California beaches).

Despite the clouds and the extreme amounts of sunscreen (some of us) put on...we all got burnt. But it was still a great day...

This picture proves how little I have spent in the sun this summer. I'm ashamed to admit this is the FIRST time Cameron and I have been to the beach this summer...and we LIVE in San Diego. So sad. This is why I got burnt. My skin had no idea what was going on.
Tara, on the other hand looks amazing. Hate her.

Cameron and Blake ready to go do some body surfing...

While I sat and shoved my face with a veggie sandwich (nobody else was hungry...I, on the other hand, felt like the baby was eating me from the inside out...) we watched some people surf on the simulated wave at one of the restaurants by the beach. This girl was really good!
These people were the best. They were all older...maybe 40's and 50's...had some hip-hop music on and were LEGIT skate dancing to the music. Oh how I wish I had videoed it so that you could share in my glee...

Sunday everybody left. :(
What an adventurous weekend! I was sad to see it end :( I think Cameron really enjoyed having a little guy time and I was so happy my sister came and kept me company and listened to me talk about being pregnant 24/7.
But even when everyone left I was really really happy with the company I was left with.

Until next time...which will probably be the announcement of Baby Jensen's sex!!!
Boy or girl? Boy or girl!?!?!?! :)