Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baby Jensen is a............

20 Weeks-The day before we found out we were having a boy

 How far Along?

20 weeks 5 days
OVER half way now!

How big is Baby?

10 inches long!
About the size of a banana

Weighs 15 ounces (this is an actual number from our ultrasound. Baby boy is almost a pound already, which is right on track!)

How am I feeling?
Still feeling tired. But then again, chasing around 24 3 and 4 year olds would exhaust anyone...pregnant or not, can I get an AMEN? Other than that I feel pretty darn good. I've had some aches in my stomach, you know, feeling like I have a yeast ball in my stomach slowly expanding...but that seems normal, right? Cause I DO have something expanding in me! I have been told that this is the happiest time of pregnancy (2nd trimester) and I think that's true. I feel really good physically even though I'm getting bigger...I am still small enough to get around ok and feel plenty comfortable. Not quite Killer-Whale status yet ;)

What do I miss?
-Feeling fit. Super duper miss hardcore workouts. I hope I remember this and jump back on the bandwagon as soon as I have this baby!
-Not feeling like I am going to pee my pants every 15 minutes

My gag reflex is still going strong, but I only gag when I am thirsty or hungry...or brush or floss my teeth. Or think about something gross.
Also the feeling like I have a yeast ball in my stomach thing...

hamburgers, cereal, and goldfish crackers
Still not liking the sweets. I'm not complaining. This body does NOT need any unnecessary calories right now.

Highlights of the week?
Our 20 week ultrasound
Finding out our baby is a BOY!
When we were starting the ultrasound the technician asked, "do you want to find out the sex today?" and Cameron and I eagerly nodded our heads. She said, "ok, but it wont be til the end of the ultrasound that I will be able to tell you." About a minute later as she is trying to take measurements of the organs and body parts she says, "Well, I can tell clearly what it is already, do you want me to tell you now?!" I looked at Cameron and I wish I could have taken a picture of his face. He shook his head excitedly and she says, "It's a boy" and showed us his little penis. Our son was definitely not shy. I teared up when I heard the words, but kept my composure. Mostly I was just overwhelmed with finally knowing and the reality of a real child inside. I was so happy. We wanted a boy first. I think both of us like the idea of having a big brother for the rest of our children. It just felt right to us. Cameron wasn't at all surprised. He knew he was having a son from the beginning but SO many people told us we were going to have a girl that I had convinced myself that they were right. I would have been thrilled with either one, but sitting there and watching our son rub his little eyes and stretch his arms above his head on the screen was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire life. We love him already.
Everything looks really good so far, he is progressing as he should and he is developing as he should. We are so grateful for a healthy baby. He is jumping around like he is in a disco tech in my womb right now so I think he is pretty happy too. :)

Dear Baby Boy Jensen,
We hope you have your fathers sportiness and your mothers singing abilities. Because the opposite would be sad.
We love you,
Mom and Dad


-Deciding on a nursery theme and colors! I really want something unique and not super cheesy. Any suggestions?

First baby boy outfit and blanky from one of my students :)