Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Baby Baby Baby....Week 28

Baby Jensen Update!

How far Along?

28 Weeks
Why, HELLO 3rd Trimester!

How big is Baby?

14.8 Inches and weighs about 2 1/4 lbs
About the size of a LARGE eggplant

How am I feeling?
Remember these pictures of Kim Kardashian that came out when she was pregnant?

Remember how everyone called her a Killer Whale and were APPALLED at how HUGE she was? Pictures were sprawled everywhere of her stuffing her face with french fries with articles titled: "I Can't Stop Eating!" I just want to say, Kim, girl, I understand. And say what you will about Kim and the Kardashians, but no pregnant woman needs to be told she looks like a whale.
We already feel like Shamu

Enough about Kim, I am seriously starting to feel huge. The best thing is the comments I have gotten in the last week or so:

"You know that moment where you are just so big that you just want to get the thing out of you?" Actually I feel fine. Thank you for assuming I feel that way already though. Maybe I look bigger than I feel?

Brother when Cameron and I walked into church: "NOW THAT LOOKS LIKE A FAMILY ABOUT TO HAPPEN!" 
Nope. Still have 3 months to go, but thanks. 

I think I am just starting to get a little scared because baby boy still has 12 weeks to grow and I am already feeling like I can't possibly get any bigger.

Don't worry moms out there, I know that I will. You don't have to tell me.

What do I miss?

Starting to forget life miss not feeling winded when I walk up stairs. I'm pretty sure that was once a reality for me.
Pretty sure...

My lower back is starting to hurt...but other than that I really have had a really easy 2nd Trimester. No nausea and feeling really quite energetic. I'm on the hunt for a good belly band currently. My doctor suggested getting one of those for the back pain. Any suggestions of places to look/brands are welcome.

Still hamburgers. This baby is either going to love hamburgers or hate them. But this mama wants hamburgers ALL. THE. TIME.
Also, lovin me some pepper-jack cheese.

Highlights of the week?
This week something really neat was when I was starting to go to sleep one night I curled up behind Cameron. My belly was in his back and I could feel baby boy push up against Cameron like he was a little too close for comfort. It was like we were all cuddling...except for Cameron and Baby Jensen didn't like it and I did :) It's been so neat feeling him move so much lately. Love the constant reminders that he is there and he is OK. I also love that he can hear us now.

As my doctor said we are finally now in the "final stretch." Crazy to think in roughly 12 weeks we will have a little baby in the house. I can't wait to hold him and kiss him and play with him. Now I just have to continue to learn a lesson I am afraid I am going to be learning for years to come:

how to be patient