Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower
November 9, 2013

Last weekend was my baby shower. So many people came and helped but MOST of the hard work and hostessing was done by my sister, Tara, and my mom. They made it a children's storybook theme. Each person invited was asked to bring a children's book for our baby boy and to write a note to him on the inside. All of the decorations were children's book theme. It was the BEST baby shower I have EVER been to (If I do say so myself...and I do)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar-One of my favorite books growing up

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes-Made by my ever so talented sister, Tara

My sisters and I-Callie, me, and Tara

My amazing mother-what oh what would I do without her!? She's the only one who will sit and listen to me talk and talk and talk about the baby without wanting to poke her own eyes out. At least i'm pretty least she never makes me FEEL like she wants to poke her eyes out. 

My mom, me, and my Grandma Donna (Grandma D definitely got the jean memo for the day-lookin' classy as ever Grams!)

Shayla and Mary-I absolutely adore these girls. I was sad I didn't get to catch up with everyone as much as I wanted to! I love you girls! Thanks for coming! 

Aunt Lisa, Amanda, Denise

Hillary and Dale Richards, Rachael, and Lenora-I have known these ladies for pretty much as long as I can remember. So good to have such love and support from such awesome women. 

Jana and Sienna! You might not know this, but you are looking at my son's future bride right here. My grandbabies are going to have really beautiful curly hair. I can't wait!
(Yea, Sienna is going to be a cougar...just like me :))

My cousin Tiana. So so so grateful to have this wonderful woman in my life. She's got a whopping TWO kids already so she can and HAS given me SO MUCH good advice. 

Kyra Liggett-But she'll always be Kyra Heffner to me. Kyra was one of my BEST friends growing up. So great to reconnect with so many loved ones. 

Sister Brown! Love this lady so so much. She is my baby's CHURCH grandma. So grateful to have so many wonderful supports in my life and in my baby's life already. 


I was OVERWHELMED with the amount of gifts I received. I got SO many books for my future children, which makes me SUPER stoked. Some of my FAVORITE presents were the quilts that I received. My aunt Lisa made baby boy a quilt-her FIRST QUILT EVER. You should have heard the oohs and ahhhhs as I opened it up. This lady is a natural born quilter. It was so cool to get these handmade items that have become my family's heirloom pieces.

Tara and Callie really appreciated that I received TWO sets of this outfit. 

Me and my cousin-Mette is just about 7 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. She's having a baby girl. So fun to have a part of the family to go though it with! 

 It's hard to believe that in less than 5 weeks (hopefully) Cameron and I will be parents. I'm so excited/scared/nervous/ecstatic Its hard to put in to words how blessed I feel. To be a mother, to have so much love and support in my life, to have such a wonderful husband, to be alive, to have such a wonderful family behind me to support me and love me. I'm just grateful. So grateful.