Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Year Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza


Two Years Ago Today....    

Right after our Sealing, March 16, 2012

 Its hard to believe that another year has gone by since we got married! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our first year anniversary up in Arroyo Grande.

This year for our anniversary things were a little more.....


But, we decided to make the best of things anyway.

Our anniversary is on March 16th which was a Sunday, so we decided to make a weekend out of it and get a hotel room for Friday night and spend Saturday at the beach.

Sounds fun, right?! And it was...most of it at least.

We rented a hotel room in Solana Beach which is an affluent area just north of where we are living in San Diego. The hotel room was really nice and was just across the street from the beach. There was a pool and a spa and we had a nice BIG king-sized bed. GOOD THING because even though Nathan had his Pack and Play to sleep in he ended up sleeping in the bed with us from about 1:00 am on. And he was up about once every hour for some odd reason as well.

Suuper romantic, huh?

But that was really the ONLY bad part. Honestly. 

Friday evening we got to our hotel and unpacked and went to a really yummy Thai restaurant and walked on the beach.

Saturday morning although fatigued and a little annoyed at our sweet son we got up and ate a pretty bangin breakfast (which the hotel provided so that was awesome) and went back down to the beach.

I found this awesome tent at Costco for our beach trips this summer. Under normal childless circumstances I really enjoy the laying-in-the-sun-and-becoming-a-dancing-California-raisin kind of life. But since i'm a mom now I will now enjoy the sitting-under-the-shade-so-my-very-pale-son-doesn't-get-skin-cancer-before-he-is-one kind of life. I'm cool with it.

(Anyway, I highly recommend this tent. You seriously pull a string to set it up and take it down and it is no heavier or bulkier than a beach umbrella to carry)

How could I ever really be mad at that face?!

I love seeing them together. It just makes my heart want to burst out of my chest with joy (also I love Cameron's freckled arms so much and I hope Nathan has them when he gets bigger) 
 It was Nathan's first trip to the beach so OF COURSE I had to take like a bajillion pics of him to commemorate:

Poor kid got my chubby toes. Sorry, buddy! At least they're cute for now! 

Toes in the sand
I love this picture that Cameron took. It's so sweet. The only thing I DON'T like is that you can tell in this picture that Cameron and I pretty much have the same-sized feet. EMBAAAAARRASSING! 
 Here we are on our anniversary:

It has been such a crazy year. Cameron and I were talking over dinner about our favorite moments that happened over this last year. Cameron said, "when we found out you were pregnant, that was pretty cool." Yes, indeed, that was pretty cool. It actually ended up that we really couldn't think of many things that happened during our second year of marriage that DIDN'T have to do with our little peanut. I found out I was pregnant last May and since then we've been preparing, planning, thinking, talking about, having, and taking care of this little guy!! It has definitely been the "Year of the Baby."

We are so blessed. I love our little family so much. I am so grateful to have this wonderful man by my side through all of the ups and downs and ins and outs of this earth life. I am grateful to have someone who is always stable, level-headed, and calm. I am grateful for a husband who tells me that everything is going to be OK as many times as my over-thinking, anxious, crazy-pants self needs to hear it. I am especially grateful for the covenants we have made and that I know for certain:


Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Boo Boo Update

Baby Nathan's First 2 Months
I cannot believe my baby is almost two months old! I'll be honest...those first six weeks I thought he would NEVER be two months old. Those days seemed to NEVER END. Which, let's be honest. They didn't really. Because I was up every 2 hours at least 24 hours a day I really couldn't tell the difference between days. It was H-A-R-D.

A couple of weeks after Nathan was born I was still just in complete survival mode. I asked my mom if when she had Matthew (her first child) if she doubted whether or not she wanted 4 kids still. She said "nope. I loved having my babies." Well, that made me feel super bad because in Nathan's first few weeks I thought MULTIPLE times how scary and overwhelming it was to imagine doing this another 3 or 4 times. I was still recovering from being sawed in half, (nice, huh?) was figuring out breastfeeding, and wasn't sleeping. I was so overwhelmed. My mom was BORN to be a mother. It kind of made me feel like I wasn't. But as time went on I started to figure things out and motherhood became much more enjoyable. 

At this point I am happy and content and so grateful for my sweet baby. He makes our lives so different, but I can't imagine life without him. He has grown into a calm, happy, sweet baby. 

Most people are curious as to how he/I am sleeping. I am REALLY blessed. Nathan wakes up once at night sometime around 2:30-3:30 am and then wakes up around 6:30 am. I am getting plenty of sleep!! No more zombie mom! THANK YOU NATHAN! Naps are another story. He is a power-napper, short little naps throughout the day. But that is totally OK with me. I am loving the amount of sleep I have been getting at night! 

(Hopefully my honesty is refreshing and doesn't make people never want to have children...)

Here are some pictures of his first couple of months:

Cameron would take Nathan and I for walks during those first couple of weeks to get me out of the house. Those walks were my sanity.

Listening to Disney music in his bassinet. Starting him early with the good stuff. 


...well someone was sleeping.

Meeting Grandad:

Every time my dad picked this kid up he fell asleep. Maaan did I wish he would have stayed longer.

First Day of Church

He only got to wear this outfit this one Sunday. He was already too big for it by the next week! 

...good thing I like church or I probably wouldn't have gone back those first few weeks. I literally spent almost the entire 3 hours in the Mothers Lounge. If he is awake he must be least he seemed to think so at this age.

Valentines Day

My two loves
Blessing Baby Nathan!
March 2. 2014

Nathan's first trip up to my parent's house in Paso Robles was for his blessing. It was a super rainy weekend but we managed to get outside before it started raining again...

Not so sure about it....
The day of his blessing I had a pretty serious talk with Nathan. I told him that good babies did NOT cry during their blessing. I told him right before we got out of the car, "no crying, ok?" And you know what?! He was a rockstar! He slept through sacrament meeting and woke up but didn't make a peep during his blessing. I was so proud.

Cameron gave him a beautiful blessing. One thing that really stuck out to me was what an example he will be to others. What a wonderful blessing for a big brother! 

My little family

With Grandma Kaye who came all the way from Texas to see him blessed

Grandma Kaye, me, Cameron and Nathan, Jen (and baby :)), Gianna, Ausin
It was such a lovely weekend. We were blessed to have my entire family and almost all of Camerons (we missed you Mike, Heidi + Kids!) family there. It was so nice to see everyone!! 

My favorite thing was to see Nathan's cousins' reactions to him. Especially Gianna and Benny. They both were both so excited to meet him and couldn't stop touching that bald head! It was so adorable and I loved hearing them say, "Look at Baby Nathan! Baby Nathan is so cute." Benny loved asking, "why is the baby cwying?" Sorry, dude, but I think you're going to be 'Baby Nathan' forever. Such fun to have cousins! 

As always it was way too short and I didn't have a chance to visit with anyone as much as I really wanted to. We also had the chance to catch up with some of our friends that we rarely get to see. It's always nice to go "home."  

Coordinating Coral

Thank you Honorary Aunt Hillary for coming all the way up from Southern California to see me blessed! Hillary was another baby whisperer. She held him and he fell right to sleep! Magic, I tell you! 

Great Grandma Donna and Great Grandpa Dean

Already photo bombing! 

Updated Griffith Family Photo! 

 Thank you baby Nathan for bringing so much joy into our lives!