Tuesday, May 20, 2014

See You Later, Calliegator!

See You Later, Calliegator!

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend a whole week with my baby sister, Callie. Well, she isn't quite a BABY...
Callie is now off in Nebraska going to GRAD SCHOOL at University of Nebraska Lincoln. Don't ask me exactly what she is studying because I couldn't really tell you, but it has to do with plants.
 But before heading off to school she came down to spend time with us. secretly I think she really just wanted to spend time with Nathan...but Cameron and I like to pretend she wanted to see us too. It's crazy to think that Nathan will be almost one before she sees him again (the next time we will see her will be at Christmas).

On the day that Callie got to San Diego Nathan had his four month doctors appointment. This post isn't about Nathan, but for those who are curious here are Nathan's stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz
Height: 26 in.

He is in the 80th percentile for both. He is perfectly healthy and obviously is thriving :) He does have a little eczema, but since we have been giving him special creamy lotion he has been fine.  
Four month doctors appointment meant more SHOTS :( Seriously the worst thing. I hate it so much.

But we did end up doing some fun things as well, like taking Cal to our favorite breakfast joint in San Diego, Hash House A Go Go 

Apple Cinnamon Pancake 

Turkey Hash, eggs, and a biscuit the size of your head

The Tractor Driver Combo: eggs, sausage, and a vanilla waffle.....amaaaaaazing

Baby Nathan wishing he was big enough to share in the gluttony
 So, seriously, if you ever come to San Deigo please please please let us take you here. It is absolutely amazing food. Also, big shout-out to Allison and Brent Wagstaff who suggested this place to us in the first place.

I also got to take Callie to one of our very favorite places in San Diego, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

Callie and Nathan enjoying the bird show

The Safari Tram is so fun! One of the coolest things about the Safari Park. I love my sister!

Of course we can't allow anyone to sunny San Diego without taking them to

The Beach

While Callie and I were eating our picnic lunches I put Nathan in the Bumbo and he seemed happy putting his hands down into the sand as we ate. After I finished my sandwich I picked Nathan up and this is what his face looked like:

His tongue was covered in sand...

At least he was happy. This wont be the last time he will eat sand, I am sure of it!

After several years of either her or I being gone on missions or school it was so nice to spend some "quality time with the Grinch" (if you don't get that quote you are dead to me). I love Callie so much. She is an amazing friend, so quiet and peaceful, so easy to have around, and very much goes with the flow. And Nathan LOVE LOVE LOVES her. Nathan is a pretty friendly baby, but he really bonded with Callie the last couple of times they were around each other. He smiles at her like he thinks she is the best thing ever. I think they will always have a special bond.

Good luck, Callie. We are so very proud of you!!! Thanks for coming to visit! We love you so so much!