Tuesday, August 5, 2014

JanaRob Wedding Weekend

Jana and Rob Lucas
Last weekend I went home for one of my best friends weddings.
This was an especially special  wedding because of the joy that it brought my dear Jannie.
Let me tell you a little tale...Jana and I grew up together in Paso Robles. I applied to BYU-Idaho and she ended up following me up there the next semester (so basically you can thank me for this blessed union, thank you very much) During that fateful year we met Robbie Lucas (2005-2006) "Robbie" was in our ward and he and Jana became good friends and we ended up spending a lot of time with him and his roommates because of it. There was A LOT LOT LOT of flirting and touching (in an appropriate way) but for one reason or the other they stayed only friend-friends and not romantic-friends and parted ways after I left for my mission. Jana got married not long after-to someone else. For reasons I will not go into (because wedding blogs are supposed to be happy and divorce is not a happy topic) Jana's first marriage did not work out. She has dealt with lots of heartache and pain, but one amazing blessing that came from her marriage is her beautiful and feisty daughter, Sienna. Sometime after the divorce she and Rob reconnected (2013) WHAAAAAA?! I know. Who would have thought?! Although she was still living in California and he was on the East Coast they fell madly in love and he moved to California (smart guy) to be with her.
Isn't life so crazy?
Sometimes it seriously blows me away.
I am so grateful to see the joy that this marriage has brought into the life of my friend. Jana and Sienna both seem so...peaceful. Can you call a person peaceful? Cause that's what I see when I look at their family.  

Here is Sienna and her cousin Laila as flower girls. At the end Sienna still had petals in her basket so she turned it over and dumped the rest out. So funny. Loved her sweet little pink dress.   

I couldn't get over how gorgeous Jana looked. She was perfect. 

The rest of the weekend was lovely. I spent a lot of time trying to keep Nathan as cool as possible...he is getting so big and is getting himself into so much mischief now that he can crawl. He is only 7 months old and is already trying to pull himself up on everything.     


I love weddings. I really do. Well, I kind of hated weddings before I got married, but now I love them. I love them because it reminds me of the blessing it is to find someone to love in this life. What a blessing and honor it is to find someone to be your companion through life. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lucas!      

Don't you just love LOVE!? Makes me feel all uushy gushy inside.