Thursday, December 11, 2014

Giving Thanks 2014

Happy Turkey Day

Last year at Thanksgiving we were at home waiting for baby Nathan to make his appearance, so we missed on the surrounded-by-family, busy, loud, stuffed-with-mama's-cooking-for-days type holiday. This year we were blessed to spend an entire week at the ranch with the family. 
We had such a lovely week, and as always my parents spoiled us rotten. 

I told Cameron that I wanted us to go on at least 4 dates while we were in Paso (free babysitters, YAY!! Free babysitters where I don't spend the entire time I am gone worrying...) I think we ended up going on 3 dates, which was AMAZING. I was so grateful for the time we got to spend together (with AND without Baby Nathan)

Here we are on Thanksgiving day:
(I must brag a teeny tiny bit because I MADE Nathan's shirt. I cut and sewed and made that cutie turkey and I am so proud of it)

Nathan and my cousin Sadie. Don't hate her because she is so beautiful. It's not her fault she is so gorg.

Benny and Adden playing swords outside

We really missed our baby sister, Cal! 

She drives me bonkers but gosh I love her! 

These women are some of the most kind, funny, entertaining, wonderful people I know. I am so blessed to call them family. 

Traditional gingerbread house making!! 

Day after Thanksgiving hike up the hill....

Thanks, dad for carrying baby boy up!