Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked it....(jk)

Tara's Popstar Birthday Extravaganza! 

If you couldn't tell, my family is PREEEEETTYY into dressing up. ie Dress-up Christmas Eve, Halloween, and of course, lets not forget all of the plays my cousin Tiana and I tortured our family members through as children. So it was not super surprising when I got the Facebook invite for Tara's birthday party and she wanted everyone to dress up like one of their favorite pop stars. 

Cameron and I had recently watched this gem:

So I knew pretty quickly that I had to be Katy Perry. Those costumes and that blue wig was just too tempting to pass up. 

I have to preface this post by also saying that Cameron is not so much into dressing up. But he is the best because he humors me and joins in even when it isn't his favorite. So at first we thought it would be funny for Cameron to be JT from his NSYNC days so he could frost his tips cause that would be really funny. But then I thought it would be great if he was John Mayer (a relatively simple and easy costume) since Katy Perry and John Mayer are together. He totally went for it. 

Here's our debut as Katy and John:

Dirty mirror selfie

This was my costume inspiration:

So, obviously I wasn't going to show up to the party in a white bathing suit...so I improvised.

Didn't Hillary look so super sexy as Adele? Seriously, Loved this look on her. I did her makeup and hair. You can't really tell how big the top of her hair was in this picture, but it was pretty good. 

Love me some Adele. 

Tara's party was at her friend Dani's house. They even put up a Hollywood sign. Isn't that awesome?!
It was such an awesome old house. There was even a plaque out front that said this house is a Historic Landmark. It was awesome.

When you look up Tara's name in the Thesaurus here is what it looks like:

Tara: blonde, crossfit, silly, hilarious, karaoke, fictional plantation in the state of Georgia

So, there was this AWESOME setup for karaoke that her friend Rusty set up. 3 mics and almost any karaoke number you could think of...besides Katy Perry's California Girls, which was my jam of choice :(

Tara and her friends dressed up as the Spice Girls. I had to reeaaaaaaaaaaaaally suppress my jealousy at not being a part of this. The Spice Girls are my fav!

Sporty, Baby (Tara-stop being so adorable), Ginger, Scary, Posh

Brother and Care were too cool for school as always and dressed up like John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They looked awesome, right? 

Haha...I look like a transvestite and not Katy-Perryesque at all...but that's ok. 

 Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Isn't Tara's friend's costume of Meghan Trainor SOOOO awesome? It was one of my favs.

We has such a great time at the party. I had such a great time hanging out with Cameron, Matthew, Carrie, and Hillary, and of course Tara, but she was busy a lot of the time entertaining her guests. I am so grateful to have family (that of course includes Hillary who is pretty much my sister) who I would rather hang out with than anyone else. They are just the best, most fun, most genuine, awesome people. I realized too that hanging out with my brother is really good for my self-esteem. He is just the most complimentary, kind, sweet man. He is always willing to do anything for his sisters. And no matter how dumb, silly, or ridiculous we are being he always sees the good in us.

Thanks for having us! We are sure grateful you were born, Teen!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not a Baby Anymore

Happy Happy Birthday, Nathan, dear!!!

One year ago today I was waking up and bawling because my doctor had just told me that my baby's heart was not handling labor and there was a good chance I would have to have a C-section. Just a few short hours later I was holding my sweet baby, Nathan.

One of the most amazing, special, sweet moments of my life.

Fast forward one year and look at that sweet baby!!!

Xylophone from Grandma and Grandad-one of his very favorite things!

For Nathan's party he was able to be with ALL of his Jensen cousins for the first time. Here they are!

Gianna (5) Mason (4) Mya (1) Nathan (1) Sadie (5 months)

Thank you Grandpa Joe and Grandad for manning the grill! 

All of Cameron's family together for the first time since Cameron and I have been together. We were just missing Cameron's Mom, Kaye. We missed you!

Happy Birthday, big boy! I love you to the moon and back!

Thank you to all who came to show your love to this little boy!!

Holly Jolly Christmas

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I just had two of the best two weeks of my life.

I love Christmas. I love the music, the treats, the joy, the jolly, the gift-giving, the gift-receiving, the decorations, and I especially love being surrounded by friends and family. This year was especially wonderful because Cameron and I missed last year because we were welcoming a baby into the world.

We are now back in San Diego and Nathan and I are sitting around wondering what the heck to do with ourselves without all the entertainment we were getting accustomed to.

I am wondering where the heck my mom is in the morning when Nathan wakes up at 5:30 am and I want to go back to sleep....

Nathan is wondering where his hoards of admirers are. "Only one person to cheer for me when I am cute? What the heck!?"

It wasn't even that anything that extraordinary happened. It really was really just so nice to be in my favorite place on earth with my favorite people. And instead of the usual weekend we get at home, we got a leisurely two weeks!

On Christmas Eve the grandsons (Adden, Benny, and Nathan) opened a present from my parents.


These people really know how to give gifts, I tell ya!

On Christmas Eve we spend the evening with my mom's side of the family. Every year we have a theme. This year was "Favorite Musical" so of course Cameron, Nathan, and I dressed up like characters from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Here's our Mr. Grinch:

(We always tease that Nathan is Mr. Grinch because he was supposed to be born before Christmas last year but was 11 days overdue and missed Christmas)

I made Mr. Grinch's shirt. It is an exact replica of the sweater The Grinch wore to the Whobilation in the movie. It even has bells on the sleeves. Nathan loved shaking his arms to hear the bells jingle. 
Cameron and I were Whos. My favorite part (besides wearing PJ's-huzzah!) was my hair.

Callie: Adam from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Me: Who, and Tara: Bride from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Incest is best! ;))

Talent Show:

Nathan LOVED all of the singing and music. This is his face as he watched Addie and her boyfriend Josiah play the violin.

Christmas Day:

A bongo! 

A beanie from Grandma Kaye and a grocery cart and play food from Grandma Kathy and Grandad Larry

Sisters on Christmas
Christmas day the Griffith side convened at my parent's house. Smashed in like sardines and loving every minute of it.

Tara, Tiana, and I

The day after Christmas we spent the day in Morro Bay:

Saturday we spent the day at Montana de Oro, one of my favorite places in the world. But first we stopped in Los Osos to get Matthew and Carrie's family. Nathan took a little ride in Benny's new car...

I'm so grateful for the wonderful time we were able to spend on the Central Coast. We were so spoiled and just completely smothered in love and affection.

I don't think I realized growing up how very lucky I was to grow up in such an amazing place. My roots are deep. I will always consider it home. And that feels nice.