Saturday, February 28, 2015

For the First Time in Forever....

Nathan's First Trip to Disneyland

On March 16th we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Unfortunately (and fortunately) Nathan and I will be in Utah for my cousin Christina's wedding so Cameron and I wont get to celebrate together on our actual anniversary. So we decided to celebrate early. This is only our 3rd anniversary, but I'll tell you what, Cameron has really hit it out of the park when planning our anniversary celebrations thus far. On Tuesday Cameron surprised me by telling me he planned a two-day Disneyland trip!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Disneyland. 
Buuuuuuuuuuut..................we were a little bit worried about taking a 14 month old....correction....a VERY VEEEEEEEEEERY active/busy 14 month old to a place where we had to wait in line to do everything. So at first we decided not to go.

...but every time I decided we better not I got really sad. 

....the next day Cameron called me and told me that we should definitely go. So we bought our tickets online so we couldn't back out. 


it was awesome. 

Day one we headed to Disneyland:

Nathan's first ride ever: Snow white. He had the most SERIOUS face as he experienced everything. We could tell he loved it because when we got off rides he would lean towards the ride and try to get back in, but he never smiled or laughed or anything. It was so funny to watch him take it all in. 

This was about as much as he smiled during a ride. But you can tell in his eyes he is loving it!

This picture is the best. His face says it all. 
This next picture is so crazy! So we were about to get in line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and I saw two people I served my mission with in Romania! Alex and Allison Jepsen and their beautiful little girl Aila. The Jepsens live in Texas but were visiting with Allison's family at Disneyland. It was so random to run into them, but it was awesome to see them again. What wonderful people!!

Pineapple whip to remind us of our honeymoon in Hawaii!! Yummy!

Classic Haunted Mansion picture....Nathan's face is so funny.

Then Cameron went on Indiana Jones and Nathan and I kept ourselves busy by taking a couple selfies (not so easy with a large camera)

Watching the parade for a few minutes.....

It's a Small World was a big hit. He was dancing around in his seat and leading the music:

My sister, Tara, lives in Pasadena and was awesome enough to get off early and drive down to watch Nathan for a couple of hours in the evening while Cameron and I did some of the "big kid" rides together. Don't I have the greatest sister ever?! It was so nice to be able to go off and have some alone time and not worry about entertaining Nathan in line or having to go on a ride alone. I am so grateful for her coming down. She spoiled Nathan rotten and bought him a mickey balloon and rice krispy treat. He was in hog heaven.

Here Nathan is with his "1st Visit" pin. It was such a glorious day, we couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer day.

Day 2-California Adventure:

Day two started with the Bug's Life land:


Then off to Toy Story Mania (Nathan was less than impressed)

Nathan went on this Carousel like 10 times, yet he still would reach for it whenever we went by. He loved it.

Disney Jr. Live!
 Because Frozen is such a sensation they have a TON of Frozen stuff at California Adventure now. They do a Frozen sing along (I was very disappointed at how quietly everyone was singing), an opportunity to meet Elsa and Anna, and they have this big room full of snow for the kids to play in. Nathan pretty much was trying to eat it the entire time. GROSS. I hope he doesn't get some crazy disease from eating that snow.

It's been so long since Cameron and I have been in snow it was cool for us to see it too! Considering lots of the places we are applying to grad school have snow, it's a good reminder of what our lives could be like in the near future! (as I cross my fingers and toes for Northridge and no snow)

 Monstors INC. ride:

Warning: If you see a human child on the loose in Monstropolis, contact the CDA immediately

We were blessed enough to have a babysitter come on day 2 as well!! Our good friend Hillary come over to Disneyland and fought the crowds to come and hang out with Nathan to give Cameron and I a couple of hours alone. She arrived in impeccable timing cause Nathan was over mommy and mommy was ready for a break. When she got there we were chatting and Nathan kept whining when Hillary would stop paying attention to him. Haha. That was our hint to hit the road. And (unless Hillary was lying to protect my feelings) he was a good boy and they had fun together! I was sooooooooooo grateful for her!

Here they are when we met back up with her at the end of the night:

Thank you, sweet husband for the amazing trip. I am so grateful for you, baby boy, Walt Disney, Tara, Hillary, and pineapple whip.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ma and Pop

This weekend my mom and dad came to visit! They haven't been down to San Diego since Nathan was about a month old! Crazy! It was so nice to see them, even if it was a short visit. 

I gave my mom the option of going to Sea World, The Safari Park, The Zoo, or the Midway. My mom chose The Safari Park, so that's where we went. Such a great day. Seriously, I felt like singing, "everything is goin my way..." all day. The weather was perfect....around 70 degrees, partly cloudy, gorgeous. We had two 50 % off tickets for my parents, but when they were standing in line a lady walked up to them and gave them a free entrance ticket! So they paid 50 % off one ticket-$24 for both of them to get in. HOT DOG! 

Baby gorilla-cutest thing ever. I love watching the gorillas!

He looks like a cheerleader-haha


There are currently 4 "baby" (born last fall) lions at the Safari Park. They are so much fun to watch! 

Waiting for the Safari Tram. Nathan loves his Grandma and Grandad so much! 

On the tram

Nathan was a good boy and took a nice nap in his stroller. So nice to have a child who is so easy going. He was so chill and fun all day long. Love my boy!

Grandma and Grandad got Nathan a baby Cheetah as a momento from our trip! What a spoiled boy. He loves stuffed animals so much! 
Thanks, mom and dad for coming! I am so grateful for such wonderful parents. They come down and spoil us rotten, help so much with Nathan, remind me how nice it would be to have them close, and then leave! ;) I love them so much.

I wish we could have visitors all the time. It is so much fun having friends and family come share in this wonderful place we live before we move!

We are counting down the days until we find out where Cameron will be going to grad school. We should find out some time in March where we will be living for the next two years-New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, or Northridge (can I get a woot woot!?). My dream is Northridge, since it is super close to my brother and his family and my sister. It is also only three hours from home, which would be awesome. I would love to be close to my siblings!!! But I am trying my darndest not to get my heart set on anything. I just want to know already! Patience will be my lifelong pursuit.