Friday, March 20, 2015


Jourdan and Christina Wedding
Salt Lake City, Utah
March 13th, 2015

Last weekend Nathan and I went to Salt Lake for my cousin Christina's wedding!! Tiana and I came up with the hashtag #Jourtina since it is both of their names smashed together. If Brangelina needed one then Christina and Jourdan definitely do. 

Nathan had never been on a plane before, and the combination of a busy busy 1 year old and me flying with said 1 year old without backup....I was super nervous before our flight. 

But, once again, this little fuzzy-headed ball of energy blew me away. 

He was SO GOOD. 

Here is a picture of us before the first leg-San Diego to Vegas:


Thank goodness for his paci cause he didn't seem to be bothered by the pressure change at all. 

Paci for the win! He slept the entire first flight! 

The only mishap was that when they started boarding the second flight from Vegas to Salt Lake I smelled the most putrid smell wafted from my sweet boy's diaper. I ran to the bathroom and changed his diaper and ended up being the last person on my flight. Nathan keeps me on my toes, that's for sure ;)

That night we had a bachelorette party for Christina in our hotel room. GOSH I LOVE MY FAMILY! I feel bad for anyone who was trying to sleep around us because it wasn't exactly quiet... 

Here's my mom, Jessica (cousin) Tiana (cousin), Aunt Lisa, Aunt Debbie, Callie, Tara, Aunt Laurie, Jessica (bridesmaid), me, and Christina. 

We had so much fun playing "Most likely to..." voting who would be most likely to do certain things like "who would be the most likely to get a boob job" or "who would be the most likely to star in a reality TV show" so many laughs, such a good time.

Callie, Tara, me ,Tiana, and Christina 

We love the bride!
 Wedding day!!!

We had quite a long time outside of the temple waiting for Christina and Jourdan so we had a lot of time to take pictures of ourselves! Haha.

Cousins! Tiana, Brendan, me, Tara, Sean, Callie, Jessica (surrogate cousin ;)), Addy, Matthew

After the wedding we were all starving and tired. We headed back to the church where the reception would be held and ate Cafe Rio. Nathan was messing around on his chair (he's not used to having to eat without a high chair) and face-planted into his plate of rice and beans, flinging it all over the table, floor, himself, and me. After cleaning ourselves up as well as we could, Tara and Matthew headed to the hotel to get us both a change of clothes and I decided it was time for Nathan to take a rest. So, we drug ourselves into the mother's lounge where Tiana was already resting and we joined her in an hour long siesta before the reception. Just what the doctor ordered. We were ready to party hardy!! Woo hoo!

Tiana, Tara and I 
 Photo booth!

Sunday morning everyone else headed home, but Nathan and I weren't flying back to San Diego til Monday night, so we had two days to play with friends!! 

Sunday we went to church with our wonderful friends Angie and Robbie, and their dog, Nuca, who is seriously Nathan's best friend now. There's a slim chance I will be able to slip by without getting this boy a dog some day. Heaven help me. 

Sunday afternoon our friends Morgan and Calvin came over and I finally got to meet Morgan's baby, Maddison, who was born in November. I have been DYING to meet her! She is so perfect and beautiful. 

Morgan, me, Ang-please excuse my greasy-eesy bangs. 

Maddison and I-BESTIES! I made her elephant onesie! Nathan had one when he was her age, too! So proud to see my creations on these cute babes!

Nathan and Angie playing on the ship at the park!

These two are betrothed. Here is the moment they first met. It will most definitely be in their wedding video some day-even though it is a super poor quality cell phone pic. 
The next day we had breakfast with Mary and Edith-our friends from San Luis. Edith was born in September, right after Mary moved. I was SO excited to finally meet this tiny precious baby!! It was so nice to see both of them, and Nathan was stoked to get to play at yet another Provo park! 

Me, Edi, and Nathan

Beautiful Mary
What a wonderful trip we had. I am so extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family, not to mention the best friends in the world.

The Griffith family is full of kind, funny, generous, and strong people. I am so grateful to be among such strong stock. It was also so nice to have all of my siblings and parents together again. I miss them every day. We really missed Cameron, Carrie, and the boys and wish they could have been there too. I can't wait to family reunion in July in Oregon!

Above all I am so happy to have been there to see my sweet cousin be sealed to her sweetheart for time and all eternity. It is the biggest blessing in this life and I am so happy for her. And to treat her right or else....let's just say we have a big family. ;) ;) ;)