Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hail the Conquering Graduate!

Fight on and on ye Aztecs then,
Mighty Montezuma
We will win again
Keep your spirits high
Never bow a knee
We will fight till victory 

On May 15 Cameron graduated with his Bachelors degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. We had several family members come into town to show their love and support. We are so grateful for each one of them making the effort to come! 

You can't tell, but it was POURING rain in these pictures. Cameron was a trooper and stood in the rain for some graduation pictures! He looks so handsome in his cap and gown!

Celebratory dinner at Hash House a Go Go after the graduation!

Kendra and Dwayne (5 weeks) came down on the train to be there with the family. It was our first time meeting baby Dwayne! We were glad Kendra made the long trek down to be with us. Dwayne was also given a beautiful blessing from Michael. He was blessed to discern the truth and with health and strength. I am so grateful for the priesthood and for these men who hold it! Here are the Jensen siblings together after the blessing. We are happy you are in our family, Baby Dwayne!

Cameron, Austin, Mike
Kendra & Dwayne

 I am so proud of the hard work and dedication he has put forth to finish his degree. And I am even more proud of him for continuing on from here! I know that he perseveres through the hardships of school and work so that he can provide for his family. I couldn't have married a better or more hardworking man. 

Congratulations, Cameron! 

Z is for Zuber

Amanda and Collin Sittin' in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.....

On May 9th one of my best friends, Amanda, got married in the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS temple. Amanda and I met when she was my next door neighbor when I was living in Provo, UT and became fast friends. We have been blessed to stay close these last years since moving away from Utah because Amanda is a flight attendant and has been able to come and visit us a few times while we have lived in San Diego!   

I was more than honored to be one of her TEN (yes, you read that right, ahem, T-E-N) bridesmads. I was also blessed to be able to be her makeup artist!! I love helping brides get ready! 

Amanda's bridals were on the Monday before she got married, so Nathan and I ended up needing to be in Utah for a little over a week. Cameron was finishing up his last two weeks EVER at SDSU and flew in the day before the wedding, leaving me a "single mother" for the week. I have SO much respect for single mothers. HOW DO THEY DO IT!? 

My friends Calvin and Morgan (and their perfect little munchkin, Maddie) had JUST bought a house the DAY before Nathan and I flew in and were gracious enough to rush around getting a room set up for Nathan and I to stay. I know it wasn't easy for them to have a curious and into everything toddler running around their not-yet-unpacked home. But Nathan had a BLAST. Their dog, Sadie, became Nathan's best bud, and he was pretty much obsessed with following Calvin around whenever he was home. My dream is for Nathan to marry Maddie some day (she is 6 months old), but since the only real interaction they had together Nathan slapped her across the face, I'm not sure she'll be able to forgive him. 

Nathan LOVED their big backyard. He wanted to be outside with Calvin and his brother so badly

Sunday night we decided to go over to one of Amanda's other bridesmaid's house, Kathleen, to do a makeup test run before the Monday bridals. I had nowhere to leave Nathan, so I took him along with me. Kathleen doesn't have kids yet, so like most cute couples with with a Cat and no children, their house was completely unprepared for the wrath of a 1-year-old crazy. Nathan pretty much DESTROYED their house. I felt terrible. He dumped a bowl of water and a huge bucket of cat food over in their kitchen, was throwing glass recyclables around on their floor, pulled everything off of any low cupboards, and left me chasing him around instead of being of any help. We also didn't even end up doing a makeup test run! Yikes. I was so stressed and anxious after the night was over. I got in the car and called around for someone to watch Nathan the next day so that I didn't have a repeat of that situation the next day. My wonderful friend Mary, was so kind and offered to watch him for me the next day. I will be forever grateful for her being so willing to help.

The next day I dropped Nathan off with Mary and headed out to do Amanda's makeup and go with her to her hair appointment in Salt Lake. 

Here she is-after her makeup was all done....such a beauty. 

The rest of the week I spent traveling around Utah Valley visiting friends and preparing for the wedding. I love having so many friends scattered around that area, but even though I had 5 days to do visiting, I still didn't get enough time to really visit with everyone I wanted to! But the visits I did have were wonderful. I am so blessed to have so many amazing friends! 

Friday morning Cameron finally flew in and I was in heaven having my husband back! Cameron and Nathan hung out with Cameron's Aunt Carm and Uncle John in Bountiful and I headed out to the Bachelorette Party! 

Here's the beautiful bachelorette! 

I love her! (Don't mind her sexies in the background)

This is a seriously amazing group of women, if I do say so myself, and I do. No wonder Amanda loves them so much! These were all of the bridesmaids:

Me, Rachel, Heather, Mindy, (friends from Idaho) Anna (who was a friend of mine in our ward in Provo), Jenny (who grew up in my stake! What a random connection! Love this girl! She and Amanda met at BYU-Idaho), Kathleen, Ashley (also from BYU-Idaho), and her little sisters!

We had an amazing evening full of ridiculousness, laughter, and lots and lots and lots of talking.

 Friday night I spent the night at Amanda's hotel with her because we had a VERY early morning the next day. Here's what it looked like:

12:30 am-we finally stop talking and I fall asleep  in about .5 seconds..not sure if Amanda slept at all

4:00 am-my alarm goes off and I get ready for the day

5:00 am-Amanda starts getting ready for the day, I do her makeup

6:45 am-Amanda's hair appointment

8:00 am-Amanda drops me off at the hotel to help her mom and sisters get ready and heads to the SLC temple to meet her almost husband!

Amanda's mom is not a member of the LDS church, so the temple made special accommodations so that she could still come in to the temple to help Amanda get her dress on after the sealing. I was so glad that she was able to be there for this special moment. 

One of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. It's moments like this where i get super jealous and want to get married again (to the same person, of course!)

The day of Amanda and Collin's wedding it POURED rain. Here is a cute picture of Amanda's parents waiting for Amanda and Collin to come out of the temple.

Mr. and Mrs. Zuber!

After the sealing they had a lovely ring ceremony at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. This is the only picture I got from it, but I think it's pretty darn cute!

Before the reception I helped Amanda spruce up her hair and makeup. It was a LOOOOONG day. Amanda and Collin must have just wanted to run away at this point, but hey were troopers and stuck it out. 

Reception pics:

Nathan was the cutest in his peach suit from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike

My favorites! We missed Maureen and Allison as always. I will always love my wonderful Treehouse roommates, Angie and Morgan!

Nathan and Rachel's little boy jumped in on the flower girl pic! Haha....
If you ask Nathan the best part of the reception was the chocolate fountain!

The day after the wedding festivities we spent time with Cameron's Aunt Patty's family in Ogden. It was nice to finally meet his cousin, Jessica, who just got back from her mission in Oregon, and we also got to talk MORE wedding, because her daughter Jackie just got engaged!

Here we are saying goodbye to Uncle John and Aunt Carma. They are so generous and take such good care of us when we visit. Aunt Carm and Nathan had a special connection, and it was so sweet to watch. Our Nathan, Nathan Stanley, is named for Carm's youngest brother, Nathan Robert (Cameron's Dad).

Such a lovely trip full of visiting with so many people we love. It was hard, as always, to leave, not knowing when the next time we would see our dear friends again, but we were looking forward to going home and spending our last couple of weeks in San Diego before we move on to our next adventure!

Congratulations, Amanda and Collin! Thank you so much for letting me be such a big part of your special day! Love to you both!