Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, we have successfully moved from San Diego back to the Central Coast! Since Cameron graduated in May and wont be starting school again right away we thought it would be a wise choice to come live with my parents to save some money while we wait for him to restart school. We are so grateful for the generosity of my parents allowing us to stay with them. Nathan is loving being here on the ranch and lovingly calls BOTH of my parents, "dad-dad." Which gets confusing sometimes. He adores his Grandma and his Grandad, but I have to admit...sometimes I wonder if he even likes ME as much as he likes my mom. He absolutely lights up when she comes in the room. 

We moved here on a Friday and the VERY NEXT DAY we had a HUGE shindig to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday! 60!? No way! I feel like she turned 50 like 5 seconds ago! How did THAT happen?! Am I really already to the age where time flies like that? 

I also realized something that I never realized before, which is kind of crazy, but my mom and I are almost exactly 30 years apart. Which means around the same age I was having my first kid, my mom was having her THIRD. That's nuts to me. 

Anyway, back to my mom. We invited all of my mom's favorite people over for a big BBQ and party. We of course took a million pictures. I wont share them all, just some of my favorite jems....mostly from our "photo booth."

My mom is pretty much obsessed with America (I say obsessed in the most positive of ways). 

So we did a Red, White, and Blue theme for her big 6-0 birthday. 

Yes, you are! Hubba hubba ;)

Nathan had such an absolute blast running around with what seemed like 50 kids running around the yard. He still isn't to a stage where plays with other kids, but he loves it when other kids are around. They were all jumping and splashing in the pool and jumping in the bounce house and he was pleased walking around the yard spraying his spray bottle he learned to use during the party.

He is also super into balls and balloons right now, so when Tara and Matthew were decorating the house with balloons he was going crazy walking all over the house pointing at all of the balloons saying, "boon....boon..BOON!!" (which is how he currently says, "balloon.")

Just missing you, Cal! 

Way to go, Tara, who really was the organizer and task-master of the whole shindig. There was more food than you could imagine, tri-tip, chicken, salads, three different flavors of homemade ice cream, homemade strawberry shortcake, and good times all around. Tara, Matthew, and I pretty much ran the whole thing (with Joe, Cameron, and my dad manning the BBQ's) so it was nice to allow my mom to sit back and enjoy the party, as she has spent years and years of her life spending parties in the kitchen, cleaning, cooking, and missing out. It was nice to see her enjoying herself!

We hope you enjoyed your party, mama, we're all so grateful you were born!