Friday, October 30, 2015

Despicable Me Halloween

Despicable Me Halloween 2015

A few months ago Nathan got a pretty bad cold. Normally he can't sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time, but he was so sick he was completely unlike himself. He literally just laid on the couch and couldn't move. Through this sickness sprouted a new obsession: Despicable Me. He watched it like 5 times the first day and once every day since then. So, needless to say it wasn't very hard to decide what this year's Halloween theme should be! 

Since Cameron goes along with most things as long as they aren't too crazy or embarrassing, and since we are living with my parents this year we had a decent size group to go with the theme!! Hot dog!

Here are pictures of our inspiration:

Gru, and Dr. Nefario with the Minions

Margo, Edith, and Agnes, the sisters

Dad-Dr, Nefario, Cameron-Gru, Me-Agnes, Nathan-Minion, Mom-Margo
 My dad's Dr. Nefario costume was a big hit and lots of people told him that his costume was their favorite of the whole night! I especially loved those big goggles. He definitely scared the bajeebies out of some little girls ;) Also, you can't tell, cause we didn't get any full body shots, but my mom actually had to sew her own plaid skirt for Margo since all of the ones we found online were more for a slutty Brittney Spears costume than for a modest grandma-type lady. Good things she's a legit seamstress and sewed it all in one sitting (while watching a Christmas movie!). And I made her Lorax shirt, since Margo is wearing a Lorax shirt in Despicable Me 1. I also LOVED Cameron's costume. He even shaved his beloved beard for me! My hero! (swoon) Also, the bald cap looks SO awesome, but poor Cameron was SUPER hot in it, since somehow California has decided to stay a million degrees this year in October. Sorry, Cameron!  

There's the skirt! :)

I really wised that we had another girl to come dress up as Edith, the middle sister, but since there were just the two of us girls, we had to do without. I still think we looked pretty cute! 

Nathan was thrilled to run around and try all of the games at our Ward's Trunk or Treat (even though they were all way too hard for his age...IE the Young Men had a shooting game where you had to shoot Nerf guns at moving targets). He was especially impressed with all of the treats he got! Every time someone gave him candy he exclaimed, "oh, wow!"

But, if Nathan could tell you I have no doubt he would say that the best part of the night was his pony ride! I have never seen him so pleased with himself. 

Since Nathan is still so little and doesn't know the difference Cameron and I have opted out of taking him real trick-or-treating this year. Nathan doesn't need a huge bag of candy, (and WE don't need a bag of candy sitting around tempting us!) and since he's too young to think we are the meanest parents ever for not taking him, we're skipping the trick-or-treating til next year. 

So, all-in-all our Halloween is over for the year. It was a fun one! I'm already scheming what we can dress up as next year and have "pinned" about a thousand ideas on Pinterest. Being a mom is the coolest. 

Happy Halloween everyone!