Thursday, December 17, 2015

Turkey Day 2015

Giving Thanks 2015

Thanksgiving this year was super low key and absolutely lovely.

Normally I am 100% all about tradition, doing things exactly the same every time, (ask Cameron) BUT...this year we did something new...and it was awesome! 

Every year at Thanksgiving my mom's side of the family gets together at my Grandma Shirley's house and we have a meal and hang out into the evening. Last year at Christmas we realized that, sadly, due to my grandma's dementia it was really too much to have everyone at her house at once. It confuses and frustrates her. So we knew we had to do something new. My mom had the BRILLIANT plan of fixing up the workshop that my grandad built before he passed away and make it the party place! My parents, especially my mom, spent HOURS AND HOURS cleaning, organizing, and purging the workshop into a completely functioning party spot! YAY!  

Although it was a freezing day (yes, we're from California, so 40 IS FREEZING to us) so we built a fire in the wood burning stove and we had a cozy place to hang out and eat delicious food. 

I love this picture of Nathan and my sister, Tara. He loves his Auntie so much!
Per the usual we did a photo shoot before dinner. It was such a beautiful evening on the ranch. We are so blessed to live in this gorgeous place! 

I love my little family

Cousins pic!
After dinner we changed things up once again and, instead of making our usual gingerbread houses, we made CHRISTMAS WREATHS! I have been listening to Christmas music secretly for a month already, so I was rearing to go on the Christmas front! 

I must say, I was very impressed with Mike, my cousin Katie's boyfriend for participating in the wreath-making! And his was so sparkly! 

Tara, Mom, Me, Katie, Mike, Addie

The day after Thanksgiving we went on a walk on the Bob Jones Trail in Avila with my Griffith side of the family. I think this should be a permanent tradition. Such good times. I was especially grateful to get to see my cousin, Brent, and his wife Mette, who we haven't seen in nearly a year. I miss living close to them in San Diego. I love this picture of Aunt Lisa, mom, Joe and my dad, Me, Tiana (with brand new baby Noah), Matthew, and Tara, queen of the selfie:

We had such a lovely weekend and Nathan was in serious heaven playing with his cousins 24/7. He BAWLED AND BAWLED AND BAWLED when we left them. 

Ben, Adden, Nathan

There are so many boys in this family! Growing up with mostly girls in the family it makes me laugh that we have become a family full of boys! But they are all so handsome and I love them!

And so does their Grandma Kathy!

I love the holidays. I love my family. I am blessed. So blessed.