Friday, January 8, 2016

Tis the Season...

Christmas Week

I look forward to Christmas ALL YEAR. No joke. I love everything about Christmas, but mostly I love that I get to spend quality time with my favorite people. 

A couple of days before Christmas my baby sister Callie and her BF Westen flew in from Nebraska and my sister Tara came up from LA. We wasted no time getting out and experiencing the beautiful Central Coast. We headed to Morro Bay to take a walk on the beach. It was a cold day, but we all enjoyed it immensely, especially Nathan who enjoyed having the undivided attention of so many people, seeing all of the dogs, kites, and birds on the shore, as well as digging and getting covered in mud and sand. 

Dad, Cal, Me (and Nathan), Tara, Mom

Tara is the queen of selfies! Here we all are! Excuse my son eating his snotty nose! 

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that my mom's side of the family dresses up for Christmas Eve in "themed" outfits. This year our theme was Elf. Cameron is determined to wear PJ's for as many years as we can so when we found these amazing elf PJ's at Target we were sold! Unfortunately they didn't have any maternity sizes and my 21 week belly was barely contained. I think if I had been a few weeks further along it might have been a crop top. "Sexy Elf" if you will ;)

These boys are so crazy but they look so sweet in this picture!

This is more realistic...

Here's everyone in their glory. I think we look pretty spiffy! (I especially like my SIL Carrie's ELF-esque (as in the Will Ferrell movie) outfit!

Dad, Mom, Carrie, Me, Cameron, Westen, Callie (Adden and Benny out front), Katie, Mike, Josiah, Addie, Tara and Nathan

My girls! I love them! 
 Several years ago my mom and her sisters preformed this AMAZING rap at our Christmas Eve talent show. We have bugged and bugged and bugged and begged them to do another talent and this year they finally did it. Let me tell you, it DID NOT disappoint. Each sister rapped about themselves. I couldn't believe how good they all did! They all had hilarious rap guy names like "Puff Mama" it was the greatest. Also, seriously, do you SEE their pleather pants? Magic. Pure magic.

Christmas Morning

Christmas was so wonderful and magical this year. Nathan was at SUCH a fun age this year and was so excited and into his presents. He had the greatest most excited reaction to every single present and I just loved watching him. Having kids at Christmas makes everything better, I tell you what! 

This year Nathan got to do my mom's nativity advent. One piece goes in each day of December and on Christmas morning baby Jesus gets put in on Christmas morning. 


Nathan was so stoked to get his own chapstick. We could have spent 2 bucks on Christmas and he would have been perfectly happy. Haha.

Bubble bath from Aunt Tara!

Slippers from my MIL Kaye! I love them!
Mid-morning snack. I died a little inside when I saw this....then I told myself it was the holidays and just let it go.

Nathan and his favorite person, cousin Adden!
We had Christmas dinner in the barn. My dad made a fire in the fireplace and it was nice and toasty and we had amazing food and company.

The day after Christmas we headed back to the coast and took a walk at the amazing and beautiful Montana de Oro...

It was lovely...


Another Tara selfie....I love this picture! And these people! 
 Sunday after Christmas!

Two of his favorites ;)

Sisters! Callie, Me, Tara

I love my siblings so much. It's partly my relationship with them that encourages me to want to continue having these crazy kids of my own! We didn't get nearly enough time together this holiday season, which is sad, but I enjoyed every minute I got with them.

I don't have any pictures from New Years week because I got SUPER sick and was laid up in bed all week! Super big bummer! But I am grateful for this holiday season, for the blessing of my family, my husband, my children, and for my savior Jesus Christ. I can't believe by next Christmas we will have TWO little ones! We are truly blessed. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

So, I'm sure everyone has seen it on some type of social media, but we are thrilled to announce that Nathan is going to have a baby SISTER!!

I tried to flip this picture to no avail--but here she is in 3D with her little hands up by her face-hopefully you can see it cause it's so cute. She is so cute already! I love her! 

What!? Having a daughter might not seem to be too big of a feat to some, but to me, it was a complete and utter surprise. You see, in my generation, on my side of the family we are just chalked full of BOYS. So far the tally of Dean and Donna Griffith's (my grandparents) great grandchildren is as follows:

Boys: 11
Girls: 2 1/2 (including my own peanut)

On my mom's side, George and Shirley Tharaldsen only have 3 great-grandchildren to tally but that tally looks like this:

Boys: 3
Girls: 1/2 (mine again)

So, I felt like the odds were definitely not in my favor. 
Let me tell you a little story: (you are by no means obligated to read this. It really is just for my own memory that I even write this.) 
When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound I felt like I had waited an eternity to find out what I was having. I was pretty certain that I was having a boy. I had grand daydreams of Nathan and baby boy Jensen being best friends, playing soccer together, serving missions, and doing brotherly kinds of stuff (I only had 1 brother, so don't ask me what kinds of stuff that is).

When I went in for my ultrasound things didn't go as I's head was under my bellybutton (which apparently casts a shadow that you can't see through), so we got no good profile shots or looks and the umbilical cord was in between baby's legs (which she kept tightly pressed together the WHOLE ultrasound) so the tech couldn't tell what baby was. She said that she thought it was a boy, but to not quote her on that and that we would have to come back at another date and hope baby was in a better position. 

Stubborn baby. 

I was super sad, but decided to try and just get over it since it seemed that everything else looked good, heart beat was strong and baby was moving around like an acrobat.  

A couple of days later my mom surprised me with an early Christmas gift and on Monday before Christmas we went to Santa Maria to My First Peekaboo and got another ultrasound. It didn't take long before baby was in the optimum position and I saw the technician type these words across the screen:

I was like, "REALLY!?" I heard my mom gasp and give a little sob (she has no Granddaughters, so it's super exciting/emotional for her) and Cameron just looked happy. He told me later that as we were going in he had a strong feeling it was a girl. 

I think I was in shock for a good week. Now I am just excited! 

So, since I haven't done a single update about this pregnancy and I am already over 1/2 way, I will just do a little synopsis of my pregnancy so far! (good times)

How far along? 23 weeks
How big is the peanut? Baby is as big as a "large mango" 
Maternity clothes? Um, YES. Have you seen me lately? If not, there's no doubt this lady is PREEEEGNANT. I started wanting to wear stretchy pants WAAAY earlier with this pregnancy than with Nathan. I swear by 8 weeks I was not wearing my normal zip pants anymore. Not because I couldn't, but because I didn't HAVE TO! Haha. 
Sleep? Horrible. I didn't have a hard time sleeping with Nathan's pregnancy until I was in my 3rd trimester (hip pains) but with this pregnancy I have had HORRIBLE pregnancy insomnia. I'll tell you what, I have never ever had any problems sleeping, but I have gained a great respect and sympathy for people who struggle with insomnia cause it SUCKS. I sleep really well until around 2 am and then pretty much lay there and rest for the rest of the night. So along with normal pregnancy fatigue I am struggling because I am not getting enough sleep for a NON-PREGNANT person! But, like my mom reminded me recently------there are LOTS worse pregnancy related problems. I'll take the insomnia.  
Best moment this week? Baby girl clothes shopping with my mom! Oh my you guys even KNOW the cuteness that exists in baby girl world?! Amazingness. Seriously, can you handle it?!

No, no sir, I cannot. 
Symptoms? I was soooooo nasty nasty gross gross sick through about week 14 this time around. I was definitely sick with Nathan but nowhere near as bad as this. I was so sick that each night I had to have the trashcan next to me in bed because GUARANTEED, before we shut off the lights I would have to hurl into said trashcan. Lovely, aye? I still get waves of nausea and have still thrown up about once every two weeks since I hit the 14 week mark, but for the most part at this point, I feel really good physically.  
Food cravings? Not really! Which is super weird, because I feel like I had INTENSE cravings with Nathan. The only craving I had for a few weeks was cheese. But that phase is over now. 
Food aversions? Not anymore. But you should have heard some of the conversations I had with Cameron during my first trimester. For example:
Me: Oh my gosh, I am getting sick. I need to eat RIGHT NOW.
Cameron: (sweet husband that he is) Ok, we can do that. What do you want? What can I fix you?
Me: I don't know. Nothing sounds good.
Cameron: How about _____?
Me: Ew.
Cameron: (gives 10 other suggestions and gives up)
Me: force feeds herself something that Cameron suggested in the first place
My main and serious aversions until recently were vegetables (gasp! Don't worry, I am eating them now)
Labor signs? I've had some braxton hicks already, which is so weird, because I didn't even have braxton hicks with Nathan when I was 10 days overdue and walking 6 miles. I am choosing to believe that this is because this baby girl is going to be ready to come when it is time and let me birth her the good old fashioned way! ;) Get ready body! Less than 17 weeks til my due date! 
Belly button in or out? In. And nowhere near being out. My belly button was still securely in when I had Nathan and I don't anticipate it being any different this time around. 
What I miss? Running. 

We are so excited to meet our little girl this May!

A Very Mickey Christmas

Tis the Season to be Jolly and Joyous!

Early December Cameron and I decided to battle the crowds to experience the holidays at Disneyland. I LOVE Disneyland at Christmas time. The decorations, Christmas Carols, and festivities put you immediately into the Christmas Spirit! :) That's why everyone and their brother was there! :/

Cameron's brother Austin and his family and my sister Tara met up with us and it was a super fun day! 

Cameron, Nathan, Austin, and Sadie on Toys Story Mania! 

Tara and I on Toy Story Mania-we probably have 100 pictures just like this one, but that didn't stop us! 

Nathan loves his Auntie! 
One of the coolest things about California Adventure is Olaf's snow! There is a huge area with snow for the kids to play in. The following picture is Nathan's amazement when REAL snow started falling from the "sky"

Nathan was all about going to see Olaf...until we got close...then he wasn't so excited.

PS Baby girl is rapidly growing-this was me at almost 20 hiding my pregnancy at this point, that's for sure! I'm not exactly one of those women who has a cute little belly...I think it more looks like a beer gut because of how it's shaped. But I promise it is a baby and not at all beer. ;)
After meeting Olaf Aunt Tara took Nathan to the little merchandise area outside and Nathan picked up this Olaf and decided it was his. Tara's a big softie and immediately went and bought it for him. He sleeps with it every night now. Thank goodness for Aunt Tara!

Naptime in the stroller with Olaf
There are lots of changes coming to Disneyland and California Adventure. (ie Star Wars Land!)
One of the changes I am not too stoked about is that the Aladdin show at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure is changing in 2016 to a Frozen show. :( I love love love the Aladdin show so we HAD to go one more time before it closed! Here we are before the show started:

Nathan was totally into the show and so were the rest of us!

The later in the day it got, the more crowded it got. Here we are waiting 45 + minutes in line for It's a Small World:

I love seeing It's a Small World all decorated for Christmas, and the inside is even cooler!

I just realized after posting this blog that I have like ZERO pictures with Austin and Jen's family. But I swear they were there! Haha. And we had a great time hanging out with them as always. I'm pretty much completely enamored by my 18-month-old niece, Sadie, and Nathan LOVE LOVE LOVED playing with his 6-year-old cousin, Gianna. He loved following her around and babbling to her when he was excited. Gianna was SO good at humoring him and playing with him (even when she probably didn't want to).

I'm so glad my sister, Tara, decided to be "sick" that day and join us. She was easy-peasy and just went with the flow of what everyone wanted to do. I was grateful for her company. Things are always more fun when she's around!

Such a fun day! You did it again, Disney! Until next time!


Holly Jolly Holidays 2015

Christmas is here again, stand up and cheer again!

Oh my goodness, have I mentioned how much I love love love love loooooove Christmas time!? Well, I do! And having a child to spend it with makes it 100% more magical and more fun! This year has been full of holiday cheer. It all started with Cameron's work Christmas party at the Madonna Inn in San Luis. I loved that they did a family friendly party with Santa and Olaf instead of the normal booze-fest I have seen companys do.

Have I told you that Nathan is ALL about Frozen? He watches it nearly every day. So when Olaf walked in he could not keep his eyes off of "him" it was so funny. It was almost like a respectful fear. Haha. He didn't want to touch him and he was shaking when Olaf tried to give him a high-five, but his little eyes followed Olaf wherever he went. 

Why is Nathan looking my way, you ask? Olaf was standing next to me. See, no smiles, just staring....

Too close for comfort
Tapestry even sprang for a photo booth, so of course we took full advantage!

Getting our Christmas tree!
By the time we got home from the store and started setting up, Nathan was ready for a nap, so we did it while he slept and he woke up super excited to a lit-up tree in the family room. Now each morning he wakes up and the first thing he does is plug the tree in himself. The tree is lit 24/7. As it should be!


This year we visited some friends in the San Luis 1st ward party and Nathan got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time. He was so brave! No tears! He even kept saying, "ho ho ho" while we were waiting in line. He was definitely cautious of sitting on a strangers lap, but did excellent.

Our ward Christmas party was luau themed, so Santa looked like he was coming from the beach...which confused Nathan a little bit, but I love this cute picture of him and our dear friend, Kevin Richards, dressed as Hawaiian Santa.

Happy Holidays!