Saturday, February 27, 2016

Santa Barbara Zoo

Santa Barbara Zoo Day

Mid-February was the perfect time to take the 2 hour trek to Santa Barbara to enjoy the zoo with friends! My friend Jana, my cousin Tiana and her kids, along with my Aunt Lisa met up with Callie, Nathan, and I on a gorgeous sunny 70 degree day in Santa Barbara.

First off we had a picnic lunch (pretty sure all Nathan consumed was one bite of sandwich and a homemade cookie from Gramma Lisa...oh well) 

Next up was cardboard hill....
The kids had such a blast sliding down the hill on pieces of cardboard! I was so proud of barely 2 year old Nathan who figured out how to slide down on his own. He is so independent. Sometimes it makes things a lot harder for mama when I am trying to help him do something when we are in a hurry and he yells, "no help!"

Nathan has love love loved having Callie (Lala as he calls her) around! He hasn't really had a chance to bond with her because she has been in grad school since right after he was born. Callie came home at the beginning of February and will be here until the end of March and they have had time to become besties. I am so grateful to Callie who has watched Nathan while I do errands or workout or even played with him outside while I make phone calls or make dinner. I wish she could live with us forever.

Lisa is such an amazing woman and I am grateful that Nathan has another wonderful set of people to act as grandparents to him. I say a boy can never have too many grandmas and a mama can never have too many helpers!

Feeding the Koi fish!
I have to admit, these suckers freaked me out. I was helicopter mom the whole time we were feeding them because I was so freaked out that Nathan was going to fall in and get gobbled up. Tiana kept trying to convince me to try and stick my finger in there to see if they would try and eat it. I asked Aunt Lisa if they had teeth to which she responded, "I don't think so." I needed a definite answer. There's no way I was going to stick my finger in a fishes mouth I wasn't positive was toothless.

These suckers were HUGE

Train ride!
It costs 5 bucks a person for this train. Lets just say I hope Nathan enjoyed it 5 dollars worth...cause Callie and I felt like it was highway robbery.

I love Nathan's "CHEESEEEE" face

Nathan and Lukey-I love that these two are so close in age. His mom and I are 5 months apart and grew up and still are best friends. It has always been a dream of mine to have our kids be friends, too. These two are crazy pants and I can't wait to see the shenanigans they get themselves into in the future.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Third Trimester, Baby!

THIRD Trimester!? How did THAT happen?!
How far along? 30 Weeks! 3rd trimester. I seriously don't know where my 2nd trimester went! My first trimester seemed like it was an ETERNITY. Then all of a sudden I am in my 3rd trimester and have less than 3 months to go. I can't believe it.

How big is the peanut? 4 lbs and 16 inches! Supposed to gain about 1/2 lb a week from here on out, which freaks me out, but is so exciting too! 

Maternity clothes? Hahaha. Funny. I don't even remember wearing regular clothes.

Sleep? Hm...well, I sleep REALLY good and soundly until 2:00 am and somehow my internal clock decides that it is time to wake up. It takes me a couple of hours to fall back asleep, then between 6 and 7 Nathan wakes up and I get up feeling like a zombie. Nice preparation for having a newborn, I guess. But I wish my body would just let me sleep. I take naps on the daily. Thank you, Nathan, for not quitting your naps yet.  

Best moment this week? Seeing Nathan play with Devyn, my friend Jana's 9 month old. He wasn't always happy to have her around (I babysat her a couple of days last week) but when she cried he would pat her back, making "shhh" noises, and try and help her put her paci back in her mouth. He hasn't really ever been around babies so I was so pleased to see how he knew how to comfort her. It made me feel like maybe he will handle this "being a big bro" thing better than I had thought.   

Symptoms? Besides the sleeping thing I feel really good! I am in that sweet spot between being super sick and looking/feeling like a killer whale. I'm going to enjoy this part as much as I can. Baby is going to grow a LOT over the next 12 weeks, so my impending whale status isn't too far off.

Food cravings? Not really! I guess that really is a difference between boy pregnancies and girl pregnancies for me. I don't have crazy cravings and I am not as crazy hungry as I was with Nathan either. I'd say sweets are definitely the thing I crave the most.  

Food aversions? Nope.  


Labor signs? Nope. Thankfully! You stay in there til you're fully cooked, young lady!

Belly button in or out? In

What I miss? Not being pregnant. Haha. No, mostly at this point I miss NOT being moody. Sorry, Cameron.  

What I'm looking forward to? Decorating a kids room in our new place (that we haven't found yet...yikes.) 

Milestones? I think that getting into my 3rd trimester is a pretty good milestone, don't you? 

We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999...

My sister Tara takes birthdaying very seriously. You know those old fuddy duddies who hit a certain age and don't care about celebrating their birthdays anymore? Well, she ain't one of them! Tara's birthday celebration was spread out over a couple of weeks and was so fun I had to write an entire blog post dedicated to it! 

The start of the birthday celebrations was on January 24th, 2016 the "pre-party" then the "party-party" as our friend Hillary put it. Tara had some friends come over and her roommate Angela made yummy tacos then the rest of her friends came for the "party-party" portion. I drove down alone to participate in the festivities. I only have a few short months before I am solely responsible for the sustenance and survival of another human being, so I am enjoying my freedom while I can. Cameron and my dad were awesome enough to take Nathan duty so I could go. 

Hillary, Tara (Birthday girl!), and I 
 The next day was Tara's actual birthday, January 25th!
We headed out to Disneyland and I looked forward to hearing everyone tell her, "Happy Birthday, Princess!" all day long.

It was an awesome day, and although at times I really missed Nathan, it was nice not having to wrestle a 2 year old while waiting in a 45 minute line. Sometimes mommies just need to feel young and wild and free, amiright?!?

The weather was awesome and we had a great time people watching and chatting the day away. Baby girl even cooperated really well and I went the whole day Braxton-Hicks free. I think this is mostly because the girls were good to me and walked around nice and slow :)

The rest of the celebration happened when Tara and two of her girlfriends, Jill and Angela, came up to spend a weekend on the Central Coast (Feb 6th-7th)

Saturday morning we met all of Tara's besties at Hearst Castle:

Front to back:
Myriah, Tara, Me, Callie, Jill, Angela, Darrell, Hillary, Dale

I love Hearst Castle and I love the view up on the hill even more! Sometimes I am just completely blown away by where I live!

Tara's friends are all such lovely and fun people who truly adore her and appreciate her for all of her quirks. I loved getting to know her friends from LA and reconnecting with her friends from here. All in all it was a beautiful day surrounded by wonderful people.

We went and saw the Elephant Seals. They are such disgusting yet fascinating creatures. It is mating season right now and, even though I usually don't feel uncomfortable with sex-type stuff, I felt seriously weird watching these guys mating. Lets just say the women didn't exactly act like they were willing companions. EW.

Happy Birthday to our big sister and best friend!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

There is no Arizona....

Sometimes you make silly choices when you're pregnant. For example, leaving the house with almost no gas, driving until you are on fumes, then realizing when you get to the gas station that you don't have your wallet....then your husband has to come and inconveniently save stuff like that. Not to mention the small stuff like being overly sassy, sensitive, or eating cookies for breakfast (oops). One such silly decision I have made this pregnancy was that Cameron and I decided that 6 1/2 months pregnant was probably a really great time to drive 10 hours to visit his brother, Austin, and his family in Arizona. Yea! Great idea! And it was! But not so much the driving part. 

The way there was a piece of cake. We drove down to Disneyland on Thursday and spent the evening playing and spent the night in a hotel (I won't mention the fact that it was the kind of hotel that you feel like you might get a disease from using the bathroom...). 

Here are a couple of not-so-great pictures of Nathan watching the parade. He was so cute waving and getting all excited when he saw Ana and Elsa and Olaf's float:

Friday morning we left at the crack of dawn and got to Arizona around 1. Pretty painless. Nathan was pretty well entertained by watching movies on Cameron's tablet and driving me crazy by kicking it off it's stand on the back of Cameron's seat. He also kept himself well fed by yelling at me from the back seat, "BAR!" every once in a while. (he is obsessed with the cereal bars from Trader Joes)

Friday afternoon/evening we went to this AWESOME bounce house place. Nathan was in heaven being out of the car and with his cousins Gianna (6) and Sadie (19 months).

This picture right here proves that Nathan is, indeed, Cameron's son (in case you were worried). He is so coordinated already and was able to hit these balls floating in the air. I was super duper impressed.

Sadie was his helper and would put a ball up for him every time he hit one off. I loved seeing them play together!

Dada slid down all of the slides with Nathan until he decided that was too babyish and slid down all of them by HIMSELF! He is so brave! 
 Saturday morning Austin and Jen took us to Kneaders for a french toast breakfast. Let me just tell you, it was seriously yum. Nathan is always trying to feed and give drinks to everyone else and he finally found a willing subject in Sadie. I just love this!

Getting in trouble
Austin and Cameron were awesome dads and took the littles with them to Costco and Gianna, Jen, and I got pedicures. Such luxury. The Vietnamese guy doing my toes told me that this was a good year to have a baby because it is the year of the Monkey and that means my daughter will be smart. I like that.

When we got home Nathan had a blast jumping on their tramp!

Sunday we had church and more playing with cousins and their two dogs. Nathan was obsessed with their golden retriever, Jackson, and I'm pretty sure misses him as much as the people of that house.

Monday we left at 6 am and got back home at 6 pm. It was a LONG. HARD. DAY. We couldn't have asked for Nathan to be any better than he was. 12 hour car rides are rough and he did SO. WELL. About 40 minutes from home he woke up from a little nap and started bawling so violently that he started gagging. We had to pull over to the side of the road and take him out of the car and cuddle and kiss him until he stopped crying. I felt awful cause I knew we had to get back in the car for the last little leg and he was miserable. After calming him down I had what I believe to be divine inspiration. What makes people the happiest?! Why, watching videos of themselves, of course! So I had Cameron sit in the back seat and show him funny videos of himself which morphed into watching Olaf videos which kept him happy and entertained until we got home.

It was a wonderful trip (ok not the trip, but the visit) and as always I left wishing we lived closer to Austin and Jen. It's always nice when your family are your friends too. Nathan learned so many new things from playing with his cousins for that short weekend and I loved seeing them play together. Until next time, Arizona Jensens!