Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dear Penny at Two Months

When Nathan turned 2 months old I'm pretty sure I wrote in my blog that I couldn't believe that he was already 2 months old. It's just what mom's are supposed to say, right? "Oh, I can't believe how fast the time is going...blah blah blah, PLEASE STAY A BABY FOREVER!" Let me tell you a little secret.....

for me, that was a lie.

The first two months of Nathan's life were the longest of my life. Even longer that my first 2 months in the mission field....and those were loooooongggg.

But when I say I can't believe that Penny is 2 months old, I really really mean it (then again, apparently I am a liar, so you never can tell).

Penny is sweet and chill. Penny lets me get things done while she happily talks to herself in her swing. Sometimes big brother comes and visits her and talks to her for a minute and she gives him the biggest smiles ever. But she always lets me know when I have ignored her for too long and does like a cry talk to let me know it is time to come and pick her up.

I am obsessed with dressing her when we go places. I could just eat her up she's so cute. Having a girl is so fun!

When we are at home she is mostly just in a onesie or a diaper, since it's so hot. And she looks just as cute like that!

Penny is a smiling machine. She is constantly giving us the hugest smiles and is already trying to laugh. She let out the cutest little giggle today.

The cutest little outfit from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Matthew

Penny is an angel during the day, but I am still struggling with nightime. She wakes up at LEAST 3 times a night between 1 and 6 and is almost always up for good by 6:00 or 6:30. She nurses quickly and goes right back to sleep when she wakes up throughout the night, but having my sleep interrupted so many times throughout the night is rough. Good thing she is so so cute and sweet I can't be mad! But I can most definitely be very sleepy.

Compared to her 1 month pictures, this month went much better and we got a few super cute shots!

Until this happened at least...

We love our sweet girl and are enjoying watching her grow! Thanks for letting us be your family, sweet sweet girl!

"You heed it?" FIIRRRREWRKS!!

4th of July 2016

The 4th of July this year was the day after Penny's blessing, but most of our family left Sunday so Kaye and Debbie were the only ones left to party with us! 

First thing in the morning we went on a hike at Montana De Oro:

Tara, Kaye (with Dwayne), Ross, Debbie, Brianna, Cameron, Nathan, my dad

After-hike Sylvester's Burgers!

Later that afternoon we took some patriotic pics:

Never you mind the sweet trailer park-esque couch cushions on the lawn...the day before we had a little barf accident on the couch and we put them out on the sunshine to sanitize them. Good times with small children ;)

In the evening we had a classic American dinner of hot dogs (Nathan was thrilled).

After dinner Penny girl went to sleep and my parents, Tara, Cameron, Nathan, and I all went out to the lawn and waited for the sun to go down. Nathan was soooooo excited to do fireworks. It probably seemed like a million years to him as we waited for it to get dark. We all sat and were entertained by Nathan's excitement as he yelled, "fireeewrkkks! Firewrkks! Wooo hoo!" in anticipation. He also enjoyed playing with all of the "circles" (glow-sticks) Aunt Tara brought.

Nathan was super excited to do sparklers until he realized how far they spit the sparks and it started to freak him out a little...

After going to Disneyland so many times and seeing the fireworks there I would have thought that our dinky little fireworks would have disappointed Nathan....

But he LOVED IT!

And each time one went out he would yell, "' 'gain! 'gain!"

We had a ton of boxes of sparklers so after the fireworks were all lit we did some more. Nathan didn't want to do it anymore (he touched the end of one and it freaked him out and "hurt" although he never had a burn or any sign that it was very hot still) so we did a sparklers show for him and he loved that.

Although it was super low-key and we missed Matthew and Carrie and the boys and Callie I really loved this 4th of July. I loved watching Nathan's excitement for everything and the joy in his eyes as we celebrated. After we were done with our fireworks we could hear large fireworks being set off somewhere close, although we couldn't see them. Nathan kept putting his hand to his ear and saying, "You heed (hear) it? Firewrrrks!!" He was even saying it as we finally put him in his bed waaaay past his bedtime at 10pm. "Mama, you heed it?"

Thank you, Nathan, for teaching us to enjoy the little things, and for making everything better by being your sweet, happy, excited self.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Penny Penny is Blessed

The weekend of 4th of July was a busy one for us this year. When I look back at the first 6 weeks of Nathan's life I can probably count on one hand the times we left the house. Penny, on the other hand, has been quite the little champ and has been dragged more places than I can count in her short little life. She has turned into quite a chill baby, and I am thrilled to have a baby I don't have panic attacks over leaving the house with. 

Thursday night Austin (Cameron's brother) and Jen were here from Arizona and we enjoyed our traditional Thursday night Farmer's Market in San Luis. 

Austin, Sadie, Nathan, Gianna, Jen, and Cameron enjoying Farmer's Market Spoils 
Nathan, Sadie, and Gianna enjoyed dancing to this crazy's music:

Then about 20 seconds after a really creepy guy dressed like Professor Quirrell with a penis drawn on his face came and started dancing with them Jen and I swooped in and we moved on. Poor Nathan was so sad. There is very little in this world than Nathan loves more than dancing.

Friday night Mike (Cameron's brother) came into town and we all went to Avila Farmer's Market to eat yummy food on the beach. Unfortunately when we got there they kicked everyone off of the beach because of an anonymous bomb threat that was called in just before we got there. Yes, a bomb threat. At Avila beach. Craziness.

So, we packed the kiddos back up in the car and headed into SLO for some ice-cream because it was Mike's BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike! 

Nathan (2), Sadie (days away from 2!) Gianna (6) Mason (5) Mya (3)
I absolutely love seeing these crazy cousins play together! (and it makes me feel better that my son isn't the only one who is out of control in this family! ;))

Saturday was beach day!

First we stopped by the Avila Valley Barn to feed the animals and get a honey stick!

Heart these two-Jen and Heidi

Things are always more fun with Tara around! 

Thanks to Tara and Tiana for 1. Making me look like the chubby/white new mom that I am and 2. Coming and representing my side of the family! 

Jen kept me company in my chair as I cuddled baby Penny and kept her safe from the sun!

Blessing day!

Penny looked so beautiful in her blessing dress. I have to admit...having a girl is pretty fun!

I am so grateful for all of these wonderful people who came to celebrate our beautiful girl!

Cameron gave Penny such a beautiful blessing. I was so overcome by gratitude and love as I listened to the blessing my little one received. She was blessed to be a good example to others and to cling to the gospel and to gain a testimony of our Savior. I hope and pray that Penny lives her life to fulfill these blessings. She is such a special and strong spirit. I'm so grateful for the gospel, and for a husband who holds the priesthood and is worthy to bless our children.

This is the first time since I have known Cameron that every single one of his immediate family has been together. We have gotten together several times in the past 4 + years, but this was the first time nobody was missing! I am so grateful for these people and how they have loved me and welcomed me into the family.

This girl was my only immediate family member who could make it to the blessing. Thanks, Teen, for representing the sibs!

These two are the best! Thank you for loving and helping with our girl
After the blessing we had a BBQ for all of the family who came into town for the blessing.

Here is Nathan and Lukey playing outside during the party!

Nathan and Mya
I was so excited that my Aunt Debbie and cousin Ross came into town the day of Penny's blessing! They are two of my absolute favorite people, and they just happened to have planned to come visit the same Sunday we blessed Penny! It was so wonderful to see them!

Grandma Donna, Tiana, Debbie, me, and Penny girl
The kids enjoyed the bounce house until it got too hot....

Just before Austin and Jen had to head out back to Arizona we got a quick picture of the original Jensen clan-

So grateful for each and every person who sacrificed and came to celebrate with us. We are so grateful for our perfect precious girl and for the presence she is in our family. I just feel so blessed!