Monday, August 22, 2016

Equally FRAZZLED and Dazzled

Penny's 3 Month Birthday

This girl:

 Melts my heart.

 I read a quote from a mom on Instagram recently that totally resonated with me:

"She leaves me equally frazzled and dazzled."

She was talking about her 4-year-old, but this works quite nicely for my feelings about my cute little Cabbage Patch baby. I am equally frazzled and dazzled by her. ;)

She is a HORRIBLE sleeper, day and night. Then again, nobody is perfect, and if she was a good sleeper she would probably be translated.

When I say horrible sleeper, I mean, like, she's real bad. Like, I am falling asleep nursing in the middle of the night sitting straight up in a rocking chair with my head hanging-all the way forward, or most of the way back. Like, in the morning when my wonderful husband, who wakes up at 6 with Nathan without complaining has to leave for work and comes and wakes me up (by this time Penny is in bed with me and we are sleep-nursing because I can't handle it anymore) I shoot darts at him with my eyes and I am pretty sure I have actually breathed fire a few times. Oh, and her naps? Like 20-25 minutes at a time, and I am just getting to the point where I don't have to actually hold her for each of these power naps.

So, I am tired.

YOU'RE A MOM, DUH. We get it, Brianna.

But she has the biggest and sweetest smile. Her disposition is just so sweet. She melts my heart every time she smiles, and she gives her smiles out so freely.

She is so smart. I know I am her mom and usually mom's think their kids are advanced. But in this case, I promise she really is. She is already able to grab things and bring them to her mouth like toys and her feet. The other day I was nibbling on her toes and when I stopped and moved to the side she grabbed her toes and turned to the side so that her feet were by my mouth again! This girl!

She loves Nathan and he is really starting to love on her. When she is crying (she has decided she should NEVER be put down and cries EVERY time I put her down lately) Nathan will run over to the swing and pat her belly and say, "you ok, Penny, you OK!" And run off and play. It is so. adorable.

She loves being outside and taking walks.

She loves her mama and dada and always smiles when Cameron comes into view. She seems to be saying, "hey, I know that guy!

I have been blessed with children with faces and personalities that draw others to them. When I would go anywhere with Nathan as a baby several people would stop me to just stare at him and talk to him. Penny is the exact same way. I mean, I know they're like the cutest babies in the world...but it's nice to know other people think so too. ;)

Happy 3 month, birthday, Penny Penny. I am so grateful to be your mama.

....even though I have wondered several times if I will survive your infancy ;)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Magic

Su-su-su-Summer Time

I've never experienced summer with a tiny baby so this has been a new experience for all of us as we have adjusted o becoming a family of 4. Overall we have stayed really busy, and kept the adventuring to the maximum. 

Since It's already August (whaaaaa?!) and I have several little adventures to blog about, I decided to do a general "what we've been up to this summer" kind of post. 

When Penny was about a month old Tara came to visit! Nathan LOVES "Tawa" and he isn't the only one who wishes she was closer so we could see her more often!

Nathan couldn't handle Tawa holding Penny and not paying attention to him, so he got a book  from the bookcase and hopped up on her lap, too. That LM Montgomery sure writes a riveting novel, doesn't she?
We took a trip to Avila to walk on the Bob Jones Trail. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do it-only being a month post-C-Section, but we took it fairly slow and I was able to do the whole thing. Thankfully Cameron held Penny so I only had to carry my own weight (which is PLENTY).

We went and put some flowers on Grandpa Jensen's grave:

I can't wait til Nathan is big enough to hear stories and understand about his Grandpa Nathan who he was named for. Hopefully OUR Nathan wont be quite as mischievous as his grandfather was ;) Wishful thinking, I think.

Nathan went to his first movie!

We took him to see Finding Dory, and although I was a little freaked out bringing a 1 month old and a 2 year old to the movies, everyone came out unscathed.

Nathan LOVES popcorn, and enjoyed his snacks and when he got a little antsy about 3/4 of the way through the movie he just went and sat on Cameron's lap and was content sitting with daddy. He may have been the only one yelling things out all through the movie, ("DORY!" "YAA, GO!!" "OH NO! HE FELL DOWN!" "WHERE MEMO GO?") but I say if anyone was bugged by that then they shouldn't have gone to a little kid's movie. I thought it was hilarious.

Penny did GREAT! She nursed and slept the whole time and never once made a peep.

We spent lots of time kissing and loving on our baby sister!

Wednesday beach days

My cousin Tiana and her kids and my Aunt Lisa go to the beach every Wednesday and this year we have joined them almost every week! Penny and I usually chill in the tent to protect my baby girl's porcelain complexion and Nathan plays and plays and plays with Luke and Ava til around 5pm and I pack up the MILLION things it takes to bring an infant and a toddler to the beach with, an exhausted 2 year old, and baby girl, and head home. So many wonderful days.

Luke, Ava, Nathan

Thursday Farmer's Market in SLO

This year we have enjoyed Farmer's in SLO several times. While my Aunt Debbie and Ross were here visiting this summer a big group of the Griffith clan headed out to Farmers and enjoyed dancing to a local band that played 60's and 70's jams.

Ava, Luke, Nathan
Luke and Nathan are 8 months apart and I love to see them play together. Tiana (Luke's mom) and I are 5 months apart and were best friends all growing up. Seeing these two be buddies is one of my motherhood goals fulfilled.

Playing outside

One day as we were playing on the porch Nathan randomly says, "Sanwich, ouside?" And I asked him if he wanted to eat lunch outside today, to which he replied, "OK!" So we have had several PB & J's on the porch before it got too terribly hot to be outside anymore.

Bob Jones Trail

Since I have had the OK to exercise again after my C-section we have gone and done a walk/run on the Bob Jones Trail in Avila a few times. This is one of our family's happy places.

Nathan especially loves the park we can stop at half way through!

Mid-State Fair!

This year we went to the fair on a Saturday so Cameron and my parents could come with us! Tara had also driven up with Matthew and Carrie's boys so they could come too. We met up with Tiana and Josh's family, Aunt Lisa, and my friend Jana's family.  It was a fun day and not too hot, which it has been SO. HOT. So we were grateful.

There weren't too many rides Nathan could go on without an adult, and they expect the adult to pay 25-35 bucks for a wristband to go on the stupid fair rides with their kid! Can you believe it?! What a joke. So Nathan enjoyed the 4 rides he could go on by himself over and over again because Cameron and I didn't want to buy a bracelet to go with him.

Nathan enjoyed the rides, although Cameron and I kept thinking to ourselves how much more awesome the rides will be in a month when we go to Disneyland!

Aunt Tara splurged and bought enough tickets for us to take Nathan on a few rides he really wanted to go on and could't go on alone. Nathan LOVED this slide! He didn't get scared at all! He's such a thrill seeker! 

Sharing his lemonade with Devyn 
There was no way we were going to get a good picture of all of these crazies-but I still love this picture. I especially love how good Adden and Ava were at holding the babies so lovingly.

Adden and Penny, Ava and Noah, Nathan, Luke and Ben

 The cousins had a blast together running around and being crazy until it was time for the rodeo to start and Tara, my mom, Penny, and I went to the Rodeo while everyone else headed home for the night. We met our friend Myriah along with her mom, sister-in-law, and nieces at the rodeo so it was a full-fledged girls night! Unfortunately Penny wasn't a huge fan of the rodeo and I ended up spending most of the night bouncing her in the carrier at the top of the grandstands and feeling like a complete loser mom for taking her to the rodeo in the first place. Sorry, Penny Penny.

Jensen time!

Cameron's brother, Mike and his family just moved from Florida to Boron, Ca and we are SO excited to have them so close! They have visited a couple of times since moving and we are sad that they have to start working and wont be able to visit as often. But we are excited that they are only a few hour drive from us and we can start seeing them more often!

As you can tell in this picture, Nathan thinks Mason is the BEES KNEES and talks about him all the time. He will randomly ask me in the car, "mama, where Mason go?" Mason is 5, but is such a good older cousin and plays so nicely with Nathan even though he is so much smaller than him. He is such a nice boy. Mya, Mason, and Nathan play super well together so it is nice when they visit because they keep each other entertained!

This has been such a fast summer, I can't believe we are already mid-august and summer is rapidly coming to a close. Time goes by so quickly now, I don't know how to make it stop!