Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's time to start DECKIN' THE HALLS!

Cambria Christmas Market 

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I come by it honestly, because my mom is practically an elf. A human, raised by elves. ;)

We kicked off the holiday season by heading to the Cambria Christmas Market. I haven't heard so much as a whisper about this, and I have to say, it is SUCH A SHAME I have gone this many years of my life missing out on this amazing holiday display! 

The lights, the decorations, and the Santa who was so cute and jolly I could have sworn he was the real deal! This stuff is right up my ally! 

It was in the high 50's so we were able to bust out our "cold weather" clothes, and I was finally able to wear the beautiful fur hat Cameron brought me (OK, he didn't know it was going to be for me, but for his wife...) from Russia. Penny's outfit was a cheetah print fuzzy onesie (hand-me-down from cousin Sadie!) and was charmin the pants off of all of the old people. (we went mid-week, so it was mostly couples and old people, but it wasn't crowded so that was awesome). Cameron is sporting his awesome hat from his brother, Ausin's trip to the Netherlands, and Nathan just looks plain amazing in his beanie. Win all around for the Jensen family. 

We were so glad that my mom could come enjoy the festiveness with us!

Penny met Santa! And no tears were shed! Nathan wasn't interested in sitting on Santa's lap, so Cameron hopped in the picture with them. Penny was her normal friendly self and just looked around at all of the lights, and tried to grab Santa's beard.


Funny Nathan story:
So there were two old men playing Christmas sons on their trumpets so we stopped to listen. Two ladies (I am guessing they were the men's wives) and one other couple were listening so we were a small intimate group. When we sat down the ladies ogled the kids, of course. About 3 minutes into the music Nathan stands up, turns towards the audience (he was in the front row with my mom) and goes, "I'm done," and starts walking away. Everyone started cracking up, thank goodness. I think the wives of the musicians thought it was the funniest. Oh, Nathan.

Penny was an absolute champ...didn't whine or cry one bit even though it was past her bedtime, and Nathan loved running around looking at all of the lights. I love this season and I love my little munchkins that make everything so much more magical.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Turkey Day 2016


Thanksgiving this year was quiet. I'm not used to such a small group, but even still we had a really nice year. The older I get, (and, lets be honest, the more kids I have) the more I appreciate NOT having to travel on the holidays. With next year being up-in-the-air location-wise we aren't sure if we will be living in California during the holidays in 2017, so I am eating up being with my parents and having family close around me. And NOT traveling! Woop woop! 

Thanksgiving this year started out with a great workout with my dad and my sister, Tara. 

When Tara came home right before Halloween she was telling me that she needed something to motivate her to get back on the losing weight wagon and suggested we do a weight-loss challenge for the month of November. Halloween-Thanksgiving. Whoever loses the most weight wins a cardigan. (in Tara's words: the most WHITE GIRL prize ever, but whatev) Well, anyone who knows the 2016 version of Tara you know that she is super fit and (in my opinion) doesn't need to lose weight. MY theory is that she could see that my 5 month post-partum mom-bod was on a ever accelerating downward spiral...I think she wanted to motivate ME, and that's totally OK. We invited our friend, Hillary to do it with us. It was a long month. I would text the girls regularly whining about not being able to eat Nathan's extra mac and cheese or about being hungry...poor things. I wasn't the most willing participant, but I was totally dedicated. Just a pill about it. And in the end it was all worth it, b because when we all weighed in on Thanksgiving morning,

I WON!  

I lost 6 lbs. And that might not seem like a lot for a month, but I was pleased. I have to be patient with myself because while I am nursing I find it hard to lose weight (not true for most).

We had a great workout and my dad enjoyed calling me Jillian (Michaels) the whole time. I'm not THAT mean. Well, at least I say my pushy comments quietly instead of yelling at him. ;)

 Tara was the only one of my siblings to come into town for Thanksgiving, but, like always, we were thoroughly entertained by ourselves.

"I have all the company I need, RIGHT HERE." (Grinch)

Nathan wanted in on the Camsuzou sister's photo...

Classic girl cousins picture-
I love these cousins of mine!

I love my little family <3

We used to do gingerbread houses every year after Thanksgiving, but last year Tara suggested we do Christmas wreaths and I think it is a marvelous tradition. Look at Tara's cute Mickey mouse wreath!

The day after Thanksgiving we watched the Gilmore Girls revival! OH. MY. GOSH. The girls in my family, my Aunt Lynn, and her girls have all watched every episode of Gilmore Girls, and it was SO MUCH FUN to watch it together.

I WOULD write somewhat of a review, but that would be enough for a blog post of its own.

We also enjoyed a lovely walk on the Bob Jones Trail with the Griffith side of the family! Always so much fun when we are together! I just love my family!