Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

New Years Eve Festivities 2016

I'm gonna level with you guys...I've never really liked New Years Eve. I do not, as a rule, stay up past 10, unless it is absolutely necessary, and if you ask my friends who knew me as a young person, I was never what you would call a night owl. But that's not the only problem I have with New Years Eve. When I was younger I always wanted to have something fun to do because it was a holiday, but it always seemed like I ended up disappointed in anything I went to. It's just always kind of been a "meh" holiday to me. 

It's funny because as I was trying to think of New Years Eves of the past, I realized that the most memorable New Years Eves I have spent in my life have been the ones I have spent with Cameron. 

2011- Cameron and I were engaged and I was online wedding dress shopping with my mom, got frustrated cause I hated everything, and Cameron and I laid down on the couch, fell asleep at 9pm and slept til around 1am when Tara got home and woke us up and Cameron headed home. 


2013-I had given birth to Nathan just the day before. I was trying to figure out nursing, which was a huge struggle for me and Nathan, so I was standing in the middle of my hospital room holding Nathan and trying to get in a good position to nurse and Cameron and my nurse were standing with me, when my nurse said, "oh my gosh, it's 11:59!" and we counted down to the new year together. 

2014-My brother, Matthew had a very successful business year and he took his wife, Carrie, Cameron, and I to a fancy dinner. We love spending time with Matthew and Carrie, and thankfully my parents were happy to stay at home with the kids so we had a kid-free dinner! Crazy that now that I am a parent, it becomes a special occasion when I get to eat without helping someone else eat or yelling at someone else to eat their food. 

2015-I was pregnant with Penny and super sick. #thumbsdownemoji 

This year we had family in town from Nathan's birthday party so we just let the party continue! 

Mike and Heidi brought the game, "Pie Face" and we enjoyed a few rounds with Mike and Heidi's family and our friends Taylor and Brooke who came over to play games. 

Nathan was so excited to play, but then when he saw the hand smack the whipped cream in someones face he changed his mind. He kept laughing with this uncomfortable, worried look on his face like he wasn't quite sure why on earth we would be doing that to ourselves. He also enjoyed yelling "HAHA, you got PIE FACE!" whenever someone lost.  

I, myself was thoroughly entertained.  

I'm pretty sure Heidi got pie face every. single. time. haha

Notice Callie and her BF Jason on the couch. Cowards. ;)

Feelin' cocky.

I never got pie face! Woop woop! I'm ridiculously good at games that take no talent whatsoever.

We spent the rest of the night gorging on delicious appetizers and playing Pit. Good thing Mike, Heidi, Callie, Jason, and Cameron are hardcore because I would have given up at 1030 and gone to bed.

Documenting that we stayed up to ring in the New Year

So, Tired.

Review of New Years Eve 2106: it made me feel young. AND old.

Also, Mike and Heidi are the greatest.

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  1. I always felt the same way about New Year's Eve! Most of mine consisted of doing a giant jigsaw puzzle with my mom after being disappointed in whatever event I went to #supercoolchick. You guys are so awesome.