Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Again (don't tell Cameron!)....

Disneyland-February 2016

Does it seem to you like every single time I post on my blog that it has to do with Disneyland? Well, here we go again!

Before I get into that, a little update:

Late January Cameron left the Central Coast to head up to Portland, Oregon, to attend Epicodus, a computer programming "boot camp." We've kind of been floundering as of late-wondering what the heck we were going to do with the future of our little family. Thankfully my parents were generous enough to allow us to live with them for almost 2 years while we figured things out. Through many many prayers and attempts at one path or another that ended up obviously wrong for us, and a nudge in the right direction from our friends Lindsay and Garrett (who had already graduated from Epicodus), Cameron bit the bullet and paid the tuition in full ("there's no turning back now!" he told me. I think the thought of that was much more scary to him than it was to me ;)) This program is pretty intense so we decided that Cameron would head up to Portland and get settled in school, and the kids and I would stay with my parents in California, and follow some time in April. That would be all of February, all of March, and part of April separated by 800 + miles. I had NO IDEA how hard it would be. Let's just say I have shed many many many tears since Cameron left. 

Not long after Cameron left my parents were planning on taking Nathan to Disneyland for a late birthday present. My mom was so excited for the trip because my brother, Matthew, and his boys Adden and Ben were going to meet up with them and my mom would have 3/5 of her grandkids at Disneyland with her! Woop woop! I was also SUPER looking forward to a little Mama/Penny time. Between taking 2 naps and being asleep by 7, I was also SO excited for a little Mama/Mama time! Two days before they were planning on leaving my mom got super sick. Bummer! So the night before they were going to leave she succumbed and admitted she was too sick to go. So she sent me instead! I'll admit, I was disappointed at first. I was looking forward to my little staycation so much. Especially after surviving the first couple of weeks sans husband. But I was excited to fit in another Disneyland trip before moving to Oregon! 

We had 3 day passes so we drove up on Monday, planning on going 1/2 day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Well, apparently I drive like a crazy person because my dad got SUPER carsick on the car ride there, and stayed in the hotel on Monday to rest, and I ventured over to California Adventure with the kids alone. 

Nathan asks me on a REGULAR basis (like, seriously once a week) to go to Disneyland. So when we got to our hotel and I told him we were going to Disneyland, he was STOKED.

I was super nervous that I would feel overwhelmed being alone with the kids---but it was faaaaabulous. One of the best trips I have had to Disneyland. The kids were so sweet and good and obedient, and the park was EMPTY! 

First item of business: churro 

1st Carousel ride
I am definitely not the first person to stand in line to get pictures with characters, and the line to see Elsa and Anna is always SO long. So we've never gone to see them. But when we walked in and there was NO LINE I thought that the attraction must be closed. I walked up, and the worker ushered us in and there they were!

Elsa and Anna talked to Nathan for quite a while, and Nathan stood there like he was totally unimpressed, but I could see behind the blank stare-he was having a ball.

The next day we met up with our friend, Hillary, my sister, Tara, brother Matthew, and his boys. The forecast said rain-so my dad bought us all ponchos. We put them all on, gearing up for a day of rain, and it seriously rained for 30 minutes and was lovely cloudy weather for the rest of the day. Yahoo.  

Matthew had promised the boys mickey mouse hats, so he headed to a store to get them hats and when they got back Nathan was SO jealous. I wasn't about to spend extra money when we have no income at the time, but, once again, Aunt Tara came to the rescue and bought him one too. She can't handle seeing her Nephew sad. She's the best. He's so spoiled.

Aunt Tara's seriously amazing selfie skills

So grateful for Hillary-who feels more like a 4th sister than a friend. She was so helpful with my kids. I don't know what I would do without her.

Such an absolutely lovely day. The only problem was that Penny got sick on Monday night. She BARELY slept, and I spent the night with BOTH kids in my full-sized bed with me and Penny crying unless she was nursing. Poor thing had a high temperature and was just miserable. Despite being miserable she was a total sweetheart all day Tuesday, and spent most of it in the carrier, and would smile and cheer when she saw something fun! She's such a little sunshine.

The next morning we were planning on doing our 3rd day at Disney, but after another horrible night of almost no sleep, and waking up with a horrible migraine, I decided that a 3rd day was not going to be possible. By the time we got back home Nathan, Penny, and I were all super sick. Thankfully, my parents watched the kids so that I could go straight to bed, and I ended up sleeping from about 3:00 pm Wednesday-7:00 am Thursday morning. Thankfully I felt a lot better after sleeping all of those hours because the kids spent the next 2 weeks being super sick. If I never sit on the couch again it will be too soon! Both kids just wanted to be cuddled. After almost 2 weeks of being sick I took Nathan to the doctor. I hadn't slept much because of both kids being up all night not feeling good, and I was pretty haggard, tired, and feeling very emotional. I was sitting there thinking about how much I wished Cameron was there for emotional and physical support. Then out of nowhere Nathan says, "mom, I want to go see dad. Let's go see him." I lost it. I started bawling, and called Cameron, completely incoherent, and told him I couldn't take it anymore. He told me to come immediately. He was tired of us being apart too! We made a plan for me to come in two weeks instead of two more months. We both felt much better about getting through the rest of our time apart.

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