Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sandy Easter 2017

Easter Shenanigans 2017

Easter is one of those holidays that stopped being magical for me once I became a teenager, and became INSTANTLY amazing again the second I became a mother. Now, don't go getting judgy. I have always and WILL always be grateful for the true meaning of Easter, which is our celebration that our Savior lives. But I am talking about all of the other stuff. 

This post is MOSTLY about that OTHER stuff. ;)

The Saturday before Easter we went to my FAVORITE park (OK, it might be the ONLY park in Sandy, but I am still obsessed with it.) When you walk up to the park it pretty much looks like you are walking up to a beautiful camping ground. There are huge trees, and a path and river runs through it, with a huge wooden play structure at one end. They had an "egg" hunt that actually just ended up being candy thrown out in roped out areas for the kids to pick up and put in their baskets. I thought it was a total cop-out that they didn't do actual plastic eggs, but Nathan was excited, and that's all that mattered. 

Our favorite parts didn't have to do with the candy, anyway. 

1. Daddy was with us! (not a normal occurrence these days)

2. The sun was shining! Woop woop! (as a California girl I NEVER thought I would be so excited at the thought, but-#shouldershrug

Question-have you EVER seen a cute Easer Bunny costume? This one wasn't TOO bad...I have definitely seen worse. But why are all of the Easter Bunnies out there scary beyond belief!? My kids didn't seem to be worried.

Nathan kept a close eye on Penny to make sure not a single piece of his candy was shared.

Grandma Kathy sent the kids Easter Cards. When he opened it up he yelled, "R2D2!? Whaaat!?" Coolest Easter card ever. When I was reading the note to Nathan he answered all of her questions out loud and immediately asked to have me read it again.

That afternoon we dyed some Easter eggs-Nathan's first time dying Easter eggs because last year I was what felt like 500 years pregnant, and feeling like doing the bare minimum.

Nathan was all about it-

This year I felt like I really wanted to help Nathan understand the real meaning of Easter as well as all of the fun stuff. I decided I wanted to do something daily the week leading up to Easter so I ended up doing a somewhat changed version of The Small Seed blog's idea:

It is basically a day by day outline of what Christ did the week before Easter, starting with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Day. It ended up being really nice. Basically I got together pictures and scriptures to read depicting what the Savior did each day. After we talked about that day we would add a picture to the wall and it ended up looking like somewhat of a large timeline across the dining room wall. We kept it super simple, cause, let's be honest, 5 kids ranging from 10 months-9 years old can't handle much at a time. It went really well though, and I am definitely planning on doing it again next year.

Easter morning we started out with Easter baskets.

Cameron says I go way overboard.


No. Such. Thing!

Then, of course we got all dolled up and went to church!

Holidays are really the only times during the year when I have the gumption to have us match. Also, during Cameron's least favorite time of the year-family pictures. HAHA. But I do love seeing us all in our pink.

Those of you who read my blog will remember when I accidentally drove to Washington to go to Wal-Mart instead of driving to the one that was only 15 minutes away? Well, it was well worth it, because I got the stuff to make this CUUUTE headband for Penny girl. It's my first flower crown, and I think it ended up super cute, if I do say so myself. And I do.

I had to fight Penny to keep it on for church and pictures, but you'd better believe I did after I put in the effort!

My kids are so cute!

And, come on, Nathan's arm around Penny? AGH...makes all of it worth it.

Only thing that would have made this day better is if I wasn't having allergies. My eyes (as you can see) are SO SWOLLEN and itchy, and I could not stop blowing my nose. I swear, allergies are the worst. And not being able to take anything because I am nursing is WORSE. Oh well.

After church we had a yummy ham dinner with delicious homemade rolls made by my handsome and very talented husband.

After dinner we had a huge Easter Egg hunt by Grandma Debbie as we now call my Aunt Debbie. She filled SO MANY eggs with coins, candy, and even a few dollars!

Penny even got to participate because she just started walking!! She had a bit of a hard time on the uneven ground, but loved being outside with the big kids and finding a shaking the eggs to hear what was inside.

Easter was also Penny's 11 month birthday! I can't believe our little nugget is almost one!

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